Yangliuqing Painting of Tianjin


The production method of Yangliu Youth Painting is "half printing and half painting". First, the lines and patterns of the picture are carved on a wooden board, then ink is printed on paper, and after two or three single-color prints, the picture is filled in with colored pens.

Its production has involved in the woodcut and hand-painted colors and craftsmanship, so the charm of folk art is rich in Chinese style.

The production process is roughly: creating a draft, dividing the board, carving the board, printing, coloring, and mounting. The early process is similar to other woodcut New Year pictures. They are all based on the draft to carve and print. The later production of Yangliu Youth Painting, however, requires more manual coloring, cleverly integrating the knife technique and taste of woodcut with the brush strokes and color tones of painting, making the two arts complement each other. Moreover, due to the different expression techniques of the colorists, the same Yangliu Youth Painting blank (the unfinished ink lines or semi-finished products of the printed version) can be painted into delicate and elegant "fine works" or bold and rough "coarse works", with distinctly different artistic styles and unique artistic values.

The materials that can be used for hand-painted pictures include New Year picture dolls, carp, lotus leaves, etc., and the presentation of the production process of woodcut New Year pictures should also be included.