The 2023 Beijing China Art International Fair has opened, over 400 "treasures" gathered at the exhibition


The 2023 Beijing China Art International Fair opened on September 7th, with more than 400 precious cultural relics and art pieces on display at exhibition. The fair will continue until September 30th, during which 10 key events will be held, bringing a cultural feast to the citizens.

On the opening day of the fair, several key events were launched. Among them, the cultural relics exhibition was the highlight, with the exhibition scale and number of important artifacts reaching the highest level in the history of cultural fairs. Many well-known cultural relics circulation institutions and top collectors from both domestic and abroad brought out their "treasures", and more than 400 heavyweight cultural relics and art pieces were displayed together for the first time.

In the exhibition hall, more than 400 exhibits span multiple dynasties, covering categories such as porcelain, jade, furniture, and statue art, making it a dazzling sight.

The cultural relics exhibition also set up an online trading experience area for international cultural relics and art pieces, with more than 20 state-owned cultural relics stores and over 100 cultural relics circulation institutions from 10 countries displaying and trading nearly 10,000 cultural relics and art pieces online. Cultural relics collectors can scan codes to browse, consult, and purchase, and all processes can be completed at their fingertips.

During the fair, a group of folk cultural relics and art pieces from home and abroad will be displayed at the Beijing Antique City and Panjiayuan Antique City.

The fair is hosted by Beijing Municipal Cultural Heritage Bureau, focusing on the theme of "Collecting Makes People's Lives Better". Before September 30th, 10 key events to be held, including the 2023 National State-owned Cultural Relics Store Cultural Relics and Art Pieces Exchange Conference, the Third Panjiayuan Folk Collection Art Exhibition and Trading Fair, the 15th Autumn Antique Art Exhibition, the Beijing 798 Art District Gallery Joint Exhibition, public welfare appraisal and people beneficial auction. Making it a large-scale, beneficial, and influential international cultural relics and art pieces trading event.