Classic work of Kunqu Opera – The Peony Pavilion resonates in Shijiazhuang


Recently, the classic traditional drama The Peony Pavilion was performed by the Northern Kunqu Opera Theater in Shijiazhuang Grand Theater, making its appearance in the opera display season and allowing the audience to step into a touching love story and experience the unique charm of Kunqu Opera.

The Peony Pavilion, created by Tang Xianzu, depicts the love story between Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei, which is filled with legends and romanticism, displaying profound thoughts and artistic qualities. Since its debut, it has been widely performed. This time, it featured performed by Wei Chunrong, recipient of the Plum Performance Award, Shao Zheng, National First-Class Actor, and outstanding young actress Liu Daxin.

When the curtain rose with melodious fluting. Wei Chunrong, portraying Du Liniang, gracefully took the stage with light steps. Before even starting to sing, she won applause from the audience. On the stage, she and Shao Zheng, playing Liu Mengmei, vividly portrayed this enthralling love story. With melodious and gentle singing, graceful movement, and delicate and expressive acting, they earned thunderous applause from the spectators.

"The Peony Pavilion is a masterpiece by Tang Xianzu, which has been performed for hundreds of years and has become synonymous with Kunqu Opera. We are honored that the Northern Kunqu Opera Theater can have this opportunity to perform this representative work of Kunqu Opera in Shijiazhuang. This version was first introduced in 1983 under the direction of the renowned artist Ma Xianglin, causing a sensation in Beijing at that time. After forty years of interpretation, the play has become richer in terms of music arrangement and stage design, and can better portray the emotions and images of the characters." said Cao Ying, Deputy Director of the Northern Kunqu Opera Theater.

Good performances continue one after another. The opera exhibition season is going to last until December, and there will be more exciting performances coming up.