Check-in at Beijing's hidden gem themed post office


Theme post offices have gradually become "emotional landmarks" for people, and there are many interesting theme post offices in Beijing.

In this issue, we have selected several unique theme post offices for you to explore together!

PART 1Olympic Culture Themed Post Office

On August 8th, the 15th anniversary of the opening of the Beijing Olympics, the Olympic Culture Theme Post Office was unveiled and opened.

The post office adopts a box design, fully integrating the elements of the Olympics. The pattern on the top of the internal light box is related to the double Olympics stamps issued by China Post. The cute mascots can instantly take you back to the Olympic era of 2008. The Olympic rings in the middle emit colorful light, adding the spirit of "higher, faster, stronger, together" to the overall environment.

The post office also has a popular photo area outside, with a large stamp keyhole background and hanging light boxes, providing tourists with a time-traveling photo experience.

The mailbox is designed in the shape of the Winter Olympics torch stand, inspired by traditional Chinese bronze ritual vessels, with the design concept of "carrying the world on one's shoulders". It is particularly bright and eye-catching outside the green-themed post office.

In the customized service area, you can print a special postcard with a postcard printer and stamp it with a special postmark to send yourself a beautiful wish for the future.

Address: Beijing Olympic Park, Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (between the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube)

PART 2Central Axis Themed Post Office

Recently, the first set of panoramic postcards and on-site seals of the Beijing Central Axis were released, and the first Beijing Central Axis Theme Post Office was unveiled at the Hong'en Temple after its renovation.

The establishment of the Beijing Central Axis Theme Post Office aims to introduce the cultural connotation and historical value of the Beijing Central Axis through the perspective of postal culture, so that more people can understand and pay attention to the Beijing Central Axis.

It is expected that the theme post office will officially start operating in September this year. Let's look forward to it together.

Address: No. 21 and 23 Doufuchi Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing (No. 2 and 4 Zhangwang Hutong)

PART 3The Red Chamber Dream Post Office

Those who are familiar with "The Red Chamber Dream" know that Huangye Village, where Cao Xueqin lived, is located near the Wofo Temple and Cherry Valley at the foot of Xiangshan Mountain today.

In order to commemorate "The Red Chamber Dream", a Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall was established in the botanical garden.

The Red Chamber Dream Post Office is located inside the Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall, and the overall style of the post office blends with the scenery of the memorial hall. The courtyard is shaded by trees, and a plaque reading "Qinpu Study" hangs on the door.

Walking into the post office is like entering an ancient and elegant study. The room is furnished with shelves of different heights, displaying various books on the study of "The Red Chamber Dream" and calligraphy supplies.

The most distinctive feature is that the post office has some traditional five-color sand martin kites hanging inside. Kites appear repeatedly in "The Red Chamber Dream", and Cao Xueqin himself was a true "kite master".

It is worth mentioning that there are many postcards related to "The Red Chamber Dream" and the memorial hall hanging near the window. By purchasing postcards, visitors can also affix special "The Red Chamber Dream" themed stamps and send them to various parts of China. Postcards sent from here can be stamped with a unique "The Red Chamber Dream" commemorative postmark.

Address: Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall, North Botanical Garden, National Plant Garden, No. 39, Zhengbaiqi Village, Wofo Temple Road, Xiangshan, Haidian District, Beijing

PART 4The "Great Qing Postal Service Counter" themed post office

In the middle section of Yandaixie Street, the antique mailbox and the bronze statue of a child mailing a letter in front of the "Great Qing Postal Service Counter" themed post office attract the attention of many tourists.

The overall color of the post office storefront is orange, which is derived from the literature "Ferrell Manuscript" that recorded the design of China's first postcard.

Many precious cultural relics, such as the "Great Dragon Stamp", "Coiled Dragon Stamp", "Emperor Guangxu's Imperial Edict on the Establishment of the Great Qing Postal Service", and "Ferrell Manuscript - Reconstruction of China's First Postcard Design", are embedded in the wall as collections for display.

In addition to the precious collections, there is also an interactive experience area with an antique letterpress printing machine at the back of the post office, which allows visitors to experience printing postcards.

Address: No. 53, Yandaixie Street, Di'anmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing.

PART 5China Post Future Post Office

Walking along the West Street of Dashilan, passing by the old site of the Beijing Relay Factory, a black and gold plaque with the words "China Post Future Post Office" emits a strong retro atmosphere, attracting the attention of tourists.

Lush grass surrounds the army green mailbox, and under the white and green striped canopy, a vintage sign for "Future Coffee" hangs.

At the China Post Future Post Office, write down your hopes for the future and blessings for your loved ones.

Put this handwritten sentiment into an envelope, drop it into the mailbox, and wait for the future to be opened.

On the long wooden table, two letterpress machines wait quietly.

Tourists can experience hand-carved letterpress printing here, and depending on the customized template, print postcards with different themes.

Order a cup of fragrant coffee at "Future Coffee", walk up the stairs to the second floor, and enjoy a peaceful afternoon.

Address: No. 59 Tieshu Xiejie, Xicheng District, Beijing.