Shougang Park industrial heritage theme tour


Come to Shijingshan District Shougang Park to experience the awe-inspiring industrial relics, the charm of extreme sports, and taste the unique cuisine of Shougang Park. Liu Gong Hui, Ski Jumping Tower, Three High Furnaces, Liao Cang Art Museum, Beijing Shougang Park Shangri-La, and Quanmin Changdu Art Bookstore have all been rated as popular tourist attractions in Beijing. Take a leisurely stroll in this multi-format gathering area that combines leisure and entertainment, gourmet shopping, themed attractions, and boutique accommodation, and embark on a new mode of "micro-vacation" in the city, seeking the joy of life on weekends!

Experience the industrial relics

Shougang Three High Furnaces

The iconic Shougang Three High Furnaces have been transformed into a comprehensive complex integrating museums, exhibition halls, and bookstores, while still preserving some of the systems from the industrial era. With intertwining pipelines and intricate equipment, this colossal industrial "beast" is truly breathtaking.

Shougang High Line Park

Shougang High Line Park is built on the basis of the original industrial corridor. It spans 8.2 kilometers and serves as an aerial linear public space that combines slow transportation, scenic leisure, and fitness entertainment. Walking along the southern side of the second floor of the Qunming Lake section, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Qunming Lake and also capture perfect photos of the ski jumping tower on the northern side.

Experience Extreme Sports

Shougang Extreme Park

Shougang Extreme Park is a trendy sports destination in Shijingshan District, transformed from old industrial remains. It consists of three parts: a skate park, a rock climbing area, and a leisure zone. In the rusty and intertwined blast furnaces and pipelines, extreme sports become even more thrilling.

Ski Jumping Hill

The design of the ski jumping hill is inspired by the flying ribbons in Dunhuang murals, hence its name "Snow Flying Ribbon". It records the heroic postures of winter sports athletes and has become the world's first ski jumping hill venue that is permanently preserved and used.

Sightseeing and Shopping

Liao Cang Art Museum

The venue used to be a storage "warehouse" for Shougang iron powder. After renovation, it was renamed "Liao Cang" (homophonic), and the venue has preserved three 10-meter high industrial hoppers, as well as many original industrial details and elements, making it a great spot for taking photos. The venue has four floors with a total area of about 8,000 square meters, mainly focusing on immersive light and shadow exhibitions. There are six immersive light and shadow exhibition halls with about 300 light and shadow and interactive devices, providing visitors with an immersive visual experience and virtual reality interactive experience. It also offers supporting facilities such as a bar, market-style restaurant, and reading area for comprehensive consumer experiences.

Liu Gong Hui

The name "Liu Gong Hui" comes from "The Book of Rites". "Liu Gong" originally referred to six ancient occupations, and "Hui" means gathering or convergence, implying that creative sparks gather and collide here, reigniting the energy and passion of Shougang. Liu Gong Hui is transformed from Shougang industrial buildings and consists of 11 standalone flagship commercial buildings and a shopping center. It highlights family-friendly activities, cultural entertainment, sports, and experiential consumption, aiming to create a new landmark for the integration of culture, tourism, sports, and art in urban renewal.

Tasting delicacies

Shougang Cafeteria

Shougang Cafeteria, formerly known as Jiaohua Cafeteria, was the most iconic cafeteria during the peak period of Shougang. Now it has transformed into a leisure space that serves Western food and barbecue. Here, you can enjoy a set meal with a distinctive Shougang flavor, served in retro enamel jars and iron lunch boxes that were once used by Shougang's old employees. The set meal also includes Shougang soda, which brings back memories of Shougang for many people!

Xiangpi Fang

With its craftsmanship-brewed beer, unique and innovative cuisine, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and a variety of themed activities, Xiangpi Fang provides guests with a charming mountain-water-industry landscape and immersive dining experience.

Starbucks (Shougang Park Store)

The Starbucks in Shougang is located in the old factory area of Shijingshan, right next to the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics office area. Sitting in the Starbucks, you can see the awe-inspiring blast furnace and reinforced concrete through the window. The coffee shop itself retains the original equipment and structure of the steel plant, creating a collision between industry and modernity, with the scent of coffee filling the air.


With a main color of gray, the elegant decoration style of COZYTIME COFFEE matches well with Shougang Park. There is a whole display case of desserts, including mini cakes in the shape of blast furnaces. Choose a cup of coffee and immerse yourself in the scene, capturing the atmosphere for photos!

Boutique Accommodation

Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing Shougang Park

Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing Shougang Park is transformed from the original Shougang Power Plant building. It not only retains the clear and distinct structure of the industrial site but also cleverly integrates modern architectural aesthetics. It can be called the "most special" Shangri-La, with a mysterious and profound atmosphere. The hotel is abundant with green plants, as if a garden has been brought indoors, complete with small bridges and flowing water, and a poetic ancient style, as well as a luxurious European-style wine lounge. The overall color scheme of the hotel, featuring Chinese imperial red, green, and blue, connects various elements within the hotel.