Beijing resort—Beijing Lao She Teahouse


Built in 1988 and named after Mr. Lao She, Lao She Teahouse boasts an old-fashioned atmosphere and Beijing style. It allows us to enjoy the fascinating show of famous artists in opera and drama, Meanwhile, satisfy our stomachs with renowned tea, palace desserts and seasonal Beijing-style snacks. Since its opening, Lao She Teahouse are visited by many celebrities both in the homeland and world and thus enjoys a high reputation. With a distinguished Beijing style, Lao She Teahouse boasts simple and elegant furnishings. The neatly arranged eight-immortal tables and back chairs in the hall, the palace lamps hanging on the roof, the small wooden plaques labeled with various famous teas such as Longjing and Oolong hanging on the counter, as well as the calligraphy and painting couplets hanging on the walls make the visitors feel as if they have entered a folk museum of old Beijing.

Ticket Price: Free

Location/Affiliation: Building 3, West Qianmen Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Opening Hours: 9:30 AM - 10:30 PM

Tourist Attraction Level: 3A

 Lao She Teahouse attracts a great number of tourists each day, including master opera fans from Beijing, tourists from all around China and curious foreign visitors. Renowned artists such as Ma Sanli, Xie Tian, Yu Shizhi, Luo Yusheng, Li Weikang and etc had released their show since its inception. As the hub of folk cultures in Beijing, the teahouse is also a holder of daily performances about outstanding traditional local programs, including Beijing Qinshu by Guan Xuezeng, Jingyun Drum by Sun Shuyun, Danxian by Ma Zenghui, and Henan Zhuizi by Ma Yuping, etc. The performances of these sophisticated artists leave audiences with a deep impression of long-lasting Beijing folk culture more than mere aesthetic feelings. “Holding Lanterns drum performance (where performers hold a candle-lit lantern in their mouths while singing) and the reed pipe double reed performance, which are in danger of extinction, have been revived and thrived here.

You can enjoy splendid performances of celebrities in the area of traditional Chinese storytelling and drama every night and engage yourself in cultural activities such as playing musical instruments, chess, calligraphy, painting, and the "theatrical fan club." The Lao She Teahouse has also established its own tea art team, showcasing various types of famous teas such as Oolong tea, farmhouse tea, and jasmine tea through tea art performances. In recent years, the Lao She Teahouse has established the "Big Bowl Tea Restaurant." This restaurant has engaged renowned chefs from century-old establishments "Jinyang Restaurant" and "Quanjude" to oversee the culinary offerings, featuring three distinct regional cuisines of Beijing, Shanxi, and Shandong. The extensive and exquisite menu carries unique regional characteristics.

The Lao She Teahouse not only serves as a Chinese tea culture and folk art figure but also a shining resort for foreign travelers to enjoy. Dignitaries from various countries, including former US President Bush, former US Secretary of State Kissinger, former Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi, former Russian Prime Minister Primakov, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, and Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, have all been guests at this establishment.

 The Lao She Teahouse has a business area of 1,500 square meters and allows up to 250 people enjoying performances, and The Big Bowl Tea Restaurant 500 square meters and 150 people for dining. Additionally, there's a parking lot in front of the building that can accommodate over a hundred vehicles simultaneously.

Lao She Teahouse, a renowned cultural site including various business functions such as tea-tasting, cuisine-taking, opera entertainment and performance, is a new attraction for Chinese and foreigners.