Learning Chinese | End of Heat (处暑)


At 17:01 on August 23rd, it is the End of Heat (Chǔ Shǔ), the fourteenth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms. After Chushu, the temperature gradually drops, the summer heat begins to recede, and the high sky and light clouds of autumn with refreshing breeze will come.

Three Phases of End of Heat

The first phase is when eagles start to prey on birds. As the eagles sense the arrival of autumn, they begin to hunt birds in large numbers.

The second phase is when the world begins to be desolate. As the climate continues to cool down, all things in the world begin to wither, and the air becomes cool and crisp.

The third phase is when the crops mature. Wheat, millet, rice, and other grains ripen one after another, and the harvest is abundant.

Customs of End of Heat

1. Ancestral worship

Before and after End of Heat, there are folk activities, such as on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month, commonly known as Hungry Ghost Festival, people used to worship ancestors.

2. Autumn outings

After End of Heat, as autumn approaches, it is a good time for people to enjoy the countryside and appreciate the autumn scenery. After End of Heat, even the clouds in the sky appear to be scattered and free. There is a saying in folk culture that "July and August are the best time to watch the beautiful clouds", which means going out for autumn.

3. Floating river lanterns

River lanterns, also known as "lotus lanterns", are usually placed on a base with a light or candle, and then floated on rivers, lakes, or seas on the night of the Hungry Ghost Festival.

4. Fishing festival

For coastal fishermen, after End of Heat is the time for fishing harvest. Every year, a grand fishing festival is held along the coast of Zhejiang Province. On the day when the fishing ban in the East China Sea ends, fishermen are sent off to go out to fish.

Health Recommendations

People often feel tired after Start of Autumn and End of Heat, which is commonly known as "autumn fatigue". To prevent autumn fatigue from affecting normal work, study, and life, it is necessary to adjust the habits and ways of staying up late since summer. It is recommended to go to bed and get up early, take appropriate naps, and stretch more often, which can help relieve autumn fatigue.

After the end of the heat season, the dryness in the air becomes more apparent, making the lungs more susceptible to damage and causing symptoms such as coughing. At this time, it is advisable to eat foods that nourish the kidneys and liver, moisten the lungs and stomach, and avoid spicy and grilled foods to prevent aggravating the dryness of autumn. It is recommended to eat more foods that clear the heat and calm the mind, such as tremella, lily, lotus seeds, and spinach, and it is also essential to drink enough water.