Ancient Chinese Buddhist Sculptures


Exhibition Duration: Opens on July 18, 2023

Exhibition Venue: National Museum of China

After renovation, the "Ancient Chinese Buddhist Sculptures" exhibition reopened to the public on July 18. This exhibition is one of the permanent thematic exhibitions at the National Museum of China. It showcases a collection of exquisite Buddhist sculptures, interpreting the interplay and integration between ancient Chinese Buddhist sculpture art and traditional culture through the exhibited sculptures. It presents the diverse and vibrant traditional Chinese cultural art.

The renewed "Ancient Chinese Buddhist Sculptures" exhibition uses 236 exhibits to fully outline the development process of ancient Chinese Buddhist sculptures, systematically presenting the wonderful shapes and rich connotations of Buddhist statues from different regions, highlighting the diversity and unity, long history, openness, and inclusiveness of Chinese culture.

The exhibition added content about Chinese grotto temples. "The Road of Transmission - Grotto Temple Treasures" selected the Xinjiang Yanqi Buddha statue, the Yungang Grottoes Buddha statue, and the Tianlongshan Grottoes Buddha statue from the National Museum of China's collection as the exhibition's focus. Through these exhibits from grotto temples, the exhibition outlines the distribution area, artistic style, and development context of Chinese grotto temples, allowing the audience to understand the ancient Chinese Buddhist statue art's diverse cultural exchanges and integration.