Former Beijing gas factory transformed into leisure space


Renamed 751D·PARK Design Plaza, an abandoned gas factory in Beijing has debuted as a new landmark on the capital city's skyline. Located in Chaoyang District, near the famous 798 Art District, the place has grabbed much public attention since reopening with a brand-new look in 2007.

The revived property was divided into several main blocks with modern buildings and eye-catching installations. As an old gas factory, a number of discarded desulfurization towers, rail tracks, coal transportation corridors and gas tanks remained in the park and were renovated into restaurants, cafes and other leisure spaces.

A 30-year-old locomotive has become an iconic symbol of the plaza, indicating the history and development of the area. The carriage was repurposed as cafes and bars. It is also a popular spot for wedding photo shoots.

A giant tank was renovated into a set for fashion shows and dance competitions, providing a stage for the pursuit of creative achievements. Other tanks were turned into meeting rooms. The plaza combined old mechanical equipment with creative design and decor, making this space more appealing. Many companies and designers choose to hold their press conferences there when launching new products.

Cultural events, exhibitions, salons, restaurants, bars, bookstores and theaters…many trendy things are on offer there. The place has quickly become an internet-famous spot, attracting many people to explore.