Annual Service and Publicity Week of Beijing Municipal Culture Center Organizes 752 Public-benefiting Cultural Activities


On May 22, the 2023 Service and Publicity Week of Beijing Municipal Culture Center (hereinafter referred to as the "Week") kicked off at its main venue at Shijingshan District Culture Center. Several parallel venues have been set up in the 16 districts of Beijing to hold cultural activities benefiting the people. A total of 752 online and offline cultural activities will be organized during the Week.

Activities such as the touring exhibition of artworks, the performances of the award-winning programs of mass culture in Beijing, and the 10th "Singing for Beijing" Mass Music Show, will be launched at the main venue. In addition to a chorus week and a musical instrument competition, the "Singing for Beijing" show this year includes the "Voices of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei" competition, a chorus competition, and a music competition.

The most exciting activity will be the "Night at Culture Center" held on the evening of May 27. On that day, Shijingshan District Culture Center will be open until 24:00 with free exhibitions, movies, children's plays, clown shows, and close-up magic shows for visitors, not to mention the culture fair.

The culture centers across Beijing will also organize a variety of offline activities, such as professional performances, cultural lectures, moving screenings, and cultural and creative fairs, to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of different people. During the Week, featured activities, including cloud-based culture-themed live streaming sessions, will be presented to attract more people to know, visit and appreciate culture centers through online resources and services.

The Week is jointly hosted by Beijing Municipal Culture Center and Shijingshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau.

(Source: Beijing Daily App)