Exhibition themed on cultural relics of Emperor Wanli in Ming dynasty opened to public at National Museum of Classic Books


The exhibition focuses on the forty-eight years of Emperor Wanli's reign during the Ming Dynasty, which covers various aspects of court etiquette, daily life, diplomacy, and trade, allowing visitors to enjoy the aesthetic atmosphere of the Ming Dynasty while gaining a deeper understanding of its rich social, economic, and cultural life.

The exhibition brings together 137 exhibits from various cultural and heritage institutions, including royal gold and silverware, jade, bamboo and wooden wares, textiles and embroidery, calligraphy and painting, and porcelain, showcasing the high level of cultural and artistic development during the Wanli period.

The exhibition also offers entertaining and informative performances and a variety of cultural and creative products, enriching the viewing experience for visitors from multiple dimensions and bringing the artifacts to life. 

The exhibition has been on display from April 28 to August 29, 2023.