Learning Chinese | Grain Rain(谷雨)


Grain Rain, 谷雨 gǔ yǔ

Grain Rain is the sixth solar term of the Chinese traditional 24 solar terms and also the last one in the season of Spring. The name "Grain Rain" is extracted from the saying that "rain cultivates all the grains". It mainly takes place every year on 19-21 April in the Gregorian calendar, seeing a significant increase in precipitation, with the new planting of seedlings and crops in the fields in growing need of rain. There are plenty of options of customs that you can choose to celebrate the coming of Grain Rain.

Drinking Grain Rain tea

Grain Rain tea, as the name revealed, is a kind of tea made from fresh tea leaves picked on the day of Grain Rain. It is said that drinking Grain Rain tea will help you relieve internal heat, ward off evil spirits and brighten the eyes.

Appreciating the flowers

The peony is also known as the "Grain Rain Flower", as it blooms around the time of Grain Rain. Peony viewing has become an important recreational activity for people during their leisure time.

"Eating Spring"

Before and after the Grain Rain, toons are mellow and refreshing with high nutritional value, so it is said that "toon is as tender as silk before the Grain Rain". People describe picking and eating toon in spring as "eating spring".