Take a Night Tour of the Simatai Great Wall


Simatai Great Wall is the only section that retains the original appearance of the Ming Great Wall, and it is also the only Great Wall in China that opens for night tours all year round. It is famous for its five characteristics of danger, density, orderliness, exquisiteness and completeness, and was included in the World Heritage List in 1987. Mr. Luo Zhewen, an archaeologist, warmly praised the Simatai Great Wall: "The Great Wall of China is the best in the world and the Simatai Great Wall is the best of the Great Wall of China". In 2012, the Simatai Great Wall was nominated for the "Top 25 Unmissable Landscapes in the World" by The Times.

Simatai Great Wall belongs to a section of the Jizhen Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty. Qi Jiguang, the general soldier of Jizhen, required each team of soldiers to engrave the team name and the year on the brick when producing, in order to ensure the quality of the construction of the Great Wall. The bricks with engraved characters have important cultural research value in the construction history of the Great Wall of China.

Early in the morning, visitors can hike to the Simatai Great Wall to welcome a new day on the winding Great Wall. If you feel tired, you can take a rest or go to the beacon tower for morning exercises. With breath coming in and going out, tourists can experience the ancient atmosphere of the Great Wall with a history of more than 600 years. 

All kinds of activities bring new experiences to the Great Wall journey. There are a variety of activities on the Simatai Great Wall. For example, visitors can listen to a concert, participate in a summer knight camp, have a picnic, or watch a variety show inspired by the Simatai Great Wall, etc. These activities will allow you to experience the vitality and majesty of the Simatai Great Wall.

At night, the lights on the Great Wall are lit up, and the Simatai Great Wall is transformed into a golden “dragon”, shining and spectacular. Meanwhile, the night tour begins.

The most characteristic activity is the lantern night tour in the Gubei Water Town at the foot of the Simatai Great Wall. There is a Jiankuntang lantern shop specializing in making and selling palace lanterns where you can make a palace lantern by hand, carry the lantern to stroll on the brick and stone of the Great Wall, and overlook the lights below the mountain.

At the foot of the Simatai Great Wall, there is a resort with a unique northern style, which is the Gubei Water Town. Gubei Water Town boasts a series of cultural experience venues, where you can enjoy delicious world food and experience a variety of inns with improved supporting facilities. This charming town has become more and more popular, which promotes the in-depth experience for visitors to the Simatai Great Wall.

Surrounded by the beautiful Simatai Great Wall, the night scene of the illuminated city, and the lively water carnival, visitors can take their time to experience the distinct culture of Gubei Water Town and enjoy the exquisite life at the foot of the Great Wall.

Address: North of Simatai Village, Gubei Water Town, Miyun District, Beijing