Yuan Dynasty City Wall Ruins Park, witness and physical remains of Beijing's urban civilization


Yuan Dynasty City Wall Ruins Park was listed as Beijing key cultural relics protection unit in 1957 and national key cultural relics protection Unit in 2006 seperately. The park is a national 4A level tourist attraction integrating historical relic protection, citizen recreation, ecological environment improvement, disaster prevention and emergency refuge.

As the witness and physical remains of the development of Beijing's urban civilization, Yuan Dynasty City Wall Ruins Park is an important track to study the change of Beijing's urban site, and has great significance for the exploration and development of Beijing's cultural history. And it is the first human Olympic landscape built in Beijing.

The green coverage rate here reaches 73%, and the Xiaoyue River runs across it. The south bank is the Tucheng site protection zone and the north bank is the green scenic spots construction area. There are seven aquatic plant areas planted lotus, reed, calamus and others forming a hydrophilic viewing platform. Five wooden boat piers and six bidges of different shapes have been built along the Xiaoyue River to connect the different styles of beauty on both sides.