Xianjugu Scenic Area to open on April 1st


Xianjugu Scenic Area, known as Wanhua Mountain in ancient times, is located by the Andamu River in Taishitun Town, Miyun District, about 115 kilometers away from Beijing downtown. The scenic area is surrounded by mountains and rivers. From valleys to peaks, wild flowers such as azalea, peach blossom, meadowsweet and spiraea, are in full bloom in different seasons.

There is a mountain lake, Xianshui Lake which is like a transparent dragon inlaid in the mountains and forests. Along the lake side path to the end is a natural stone cave, called Kangri cave. Just ahead is the Xianren Pond, which is said to be the place where fairies bathe. 

The scenic area has standard rooms, courtyard, cabins, villas, etc., which can meet the different needs of tourists to live. In addition, there are restaurants, meeting rooms, singing rooms, children's playground to provide various activies such as boating, fishing, fruit and vegetable picking, etc.