Great Wall Art Tour


The Great Wall is a rare treasure, along the line also gathered a number of cultural relics with artistic value. At the same time, there are numerous Great Wall-themed museums, which record the brilliant cultural history of the Chinese nation. This route connects cultural and historical sites along the Great Wall with theme museums, allowing people to open the cultural treasure house together, feel the colorful art of the Chinese nation, and fully experience the brilliance of Chinese civilization and wisdom.

Great Wall of China Museum

Great Wall of China Museum is located in a north-south valley to the west of Badaling. The Tiangu Valley has always been the transportation hub of the scenic spot because it is separated from Badaling Great Wall by a ridge. Great Wall of China Museum is located on a 10m high platform on the east side of the valley. With the theme of Great Wall, it comprehensively reflects the Great Wall's history, military, architecture, economy, culture and art and other situation of the special museum.

The exhibition collects cultural relics and specimens unearthed along the Great Wall from all over the country, supplemented by diagrams, photos, cultural landscapes and models. It uses multi-media means such as touch screen and projector to display the Great Wall, a symbol of the Chinese nation.

The architecture is unique, and the outside is like a continuous smoke tower. With extensive and profound cultural atmosphere, it is a base for young people to understand the Great Wall and also a goold place to carry out patriotic education. All in all, it is an important place for people to travel, leisure and entertainment.

Warm Tip: The museum is under upgrading currently and not open to the public.

Address: Badaling Great Wall, Badaling Town, Yanqing District, Beijing

The Museum of Juyong Pass Great Wall

Juyongguan Great Wall is located in a valley 20 kilometers north of Changping District. Juyong Pass is the gateway to Beijing from the north. The Museum of Juyong Pass Great Wall is located in the famous Juyongguan Great Wall scenic area.

Juyong Pass, the "greatest pass in the world", is a representative of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. It is located in the mountains northwest of Beijing and has been a battlefield since ancient times. To this day, it is still the traffic artery between Beijing and Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and other places, with a special strategic position.

The Museum of Juyong Pass Great Wall was officially opened to the public on August 26, 2004. The architecture of the museum is a typical Beijing quadrangle dwelling which was a  restored Ming Dynasty building, Diecui Academy, a school of the Ming Dynasty. 

The site selection has a profound implication and inherits the cultural connotation of Ming Dynasty architecture. Through cultural relics on display, the museum condenses the development of Juyongguan Great Wall for more than 2000 years. The history of Juyongguan Great Wall is systematically introduced from the aspects of military culture, historical events and cultural relics buildings, showing the prosperity and important role.

Address: Juyongguan Village, Nankou Town, Changping District, Beijing (near the Beijing-Tibet Expressway)

Mutianyu Great Wall Spiritual Inheritance Hall

Mutianyu Great Wall Spiritual Inheritance Hall has two floors and covers an area of more than 1200 square meters. Themed with the spirit of the Great Wall, the bond of peace and the bridge of the world, it has created a comprehensive exhibition hall integrating functions such as an education base for patriotism, an education and training base for party members and a history museum of the Great Wall. Here you can fully understand the profound cultural heritage of Mutianyu Great Wall, the spirit of the Great Wall and the glorious development process of the Communist Party of China.

The first floor interprets the important role of the Great Wall of ancient China in resisting aggression and the great significance of forming a strong cohesive force of the Chinese nation through geographical drawings and other Great Wall exhibits. Pictures of Mutianyu Great Wall restoration show the historical process of the "Love China, Build Great Wall" campaign. Ancient Chinese weapons, unearthed relics and stone tablets interpret that Tan Lun and Qi Jiguang organized personnel to participate in the construction of the Mutianyu Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty.

The second floor is the Party building education area. By reviewing the centennial struggle of the Communist Party of China, the glorious history of the centennial struggle of the Communist Party of China will be deeply remembered, and the great spirit of the Communist Party of China will be learned and inherited, and the revolutionary spirit of "you are not a true man until you reach the Great Wall" will be vigorously carried forward, so as to continue to inherit the red gene and continue the spiritual blood.

In addition, the education zone also shows the new China's advocacy of peace, the important missions and development achievements of Beijing and Huairou District in the new era.

Mutianyu Great Wall Spiritual Inheritance Hall is a testimony to the glorious history. It shows the patriotism, national and peace spirits that the Great Wall represents, and the Chinese people's good desire for peace

Address: Opposite Mutianyu Great Wall Tourist Service Center