Kuitou, a Chinese opera headdress


With different shapes and patterns, Kuitou not only reflects the identities of different characters, but also convey the history, culture and customs at a certain time in history and other aspects.

The Chinese opera had great developments early in the Han and Tang Dynasties. A Han Dynasty sculpture stone was found in 1972 which vividly recorded seven figures with weapons in hand who weared masks and hats, and dressed in costumes different from those of the time. So no matter what it was called, the craftsmanship of making Kuitou existed in the Han Dynasty.

After the early Qing Dynasty, with the emergence and development of Peking Opera, Kuitou production skills gradually formed an industry, which refers to all kinds of hats worn by characters in traditional opera.

In the heyday of Peking Opera, there were as many as 500 kinds with different shapes and colors. It was not only the "costume" of the actors, but also the exquisite handicraft, which brightens the performance art of Peking Opera. Even those who don't watch Peking Opera could feel the beauty of Peking Opera.