Shougang Park One-day Tour in Spring


NO.3 Blast Furnace

From the west gate of the Shougang Park, you will visit NO.3 Blast Furnace along Xiuchi West Street to the south, which is the most "show" place in the Shougang Park.

The first attraction here is the Xiuchi Pool, an important part of iron making process as a drying pool for cooling water of blast furnace. The second attraction is that various events and exhibitions were held here.

When the furnace was dismantled, there were less than half of the erosion layers in the bottom of the furnace for 11 years, which is rare in the history of blast furnace.

In 1959, before the NO.3 Blast Furnace was about to be completed and put into operation, Mr. Mei Lanfang gave a performance. At that time, Mr. Wu Zuguang was shooting the documentary "Mei Lanfang"s Stage Art". He chose the NO.3 Blast Furnace as the background of the film, and the stage was built in the south, where Mr. Mei Lanfang performed the drama pieces such as "Drunken Concubine" and "The Cosmic Sword (Yu Zhou Feng)".

LReading Art Bookstore

LReading Art Bookstore is located on the first floor of the NO.3 Blast Furnace in Shougang Park, which integrates reading area, cultural and creative area and catering area.

When you step into the store, the first things you see are several high book walls, which naturally divide the whole space into several different areas. The bookstore retains the original facilities of the blast furnace to the greatest extent possible, with special-shaped steel bookshelves and colorful glass.

The store"s most valuable treasures are a variety of art books, many of which are rarely seen in the market. You can read a book while drinking a cup of coffee.

Walking forward, you will pay attention to the eye-catching cultural and creative area where the specific Shougang cultural and creative products are only sold here. All kinds of souvenirs of Winter Olympic elements are both beautiful and practical, with super collection value.

Come to the LReading Art Bookstore and experience the beauty of literature and art.

Shougang Park ∙ Chang An Mills

Shougang Park ∙ Chang An Mills is located in the core of the North District of Shougang Park. As an important part of Shougang Park, it has a total construction area of 224,000 square meters. It"s composed of six interconnecting plots, including 11 detached industrial office buildings, 11 detached flagship commercial buildings and a shopping plaza.

Shougang Park ∙ Chang An Mills combines commerce, leisure, culture and sports, and focuses on comprehensive consumption of "experience + exhibition hall + catering", forming a business mix featuring parent-child family, quality catering and green new energy.

Terrace space is a major feature. Visitors can enjoy the New Shougang Bridge, Big Air Shougang, Qunming Lake and other views on different terraces.

As a representative of the capital"s urban revitalization projects, Chang An Mills is committed to leading modern lifestyles with an eye on the overall synergistic development of the region, and focuses on creating a dual-drive operation model of "industry + commerce", with industry driving the economic takeoff and commerce supplementing the regional consumption gap.

Big Air Shougang

Big Air Shougang is the only venue for snow competitions in central Beijing and the first permanent urban Grand ski jump in the world. Its design inspiration comes from the "Flying Apsaras" in Dunhuang fresco, China. The English word "Big Air" and "Flying Apsaras" both mean jumping and flying into the air, hence the name "Big Air Shougang (Snow Flying Ribbon)".

Big Air Shougang is so close to the cooling tower that during the Winter Olympics, when skiers took off in the air and looked as if they were jumping from it. One media outlet marveled that a defunct steel mill was sending Olympic athletes into the sky with a "crazy chimney".

Big Air Shougang adds the charm of science and technology to the Shougang Industrial Site Park, but also injects vitality into it. In the evening, far view of the Big Air Shougang is like a colorful glass slipper.

New Shougang Bridge

The New Shougang Bridge is an industrial landmark. As an Internet-popular tourist spot, it has a wide view. To the west, you can look up the Dingdu Pavilion on the distant mountains; to the east, you can see the endless Chang "an Avenue; to the south, you can see the Yongding Tower in the Beijing Garden Expo Parl; to the north, you can see the Shougang Park and the Big Air Shougang.

Located over the Yongding River in Beijing, the New Shougang Bridge is an important transportation link connecting the western part of the capital and also the widest steel bridge among Chinese Bridges. It witnessed the rapid changes of the century-old steel mill.

Today, the New Shougang Bridge has become a landmark in Beijing"s Shijingshan District, and many tourists come to take photos with it.


The decoration style of Starbucks in Shougang Park is filled with strong modern industrial style. Sitting by the window, you"ll smell the strong aroma of coffee.

With only one floor, it"s not narrow. The exterior space is also planted with bamboo as a transition to the old factory area. The interior not only retains the original industrial style, but also retains a tree, which is surrounded by glass. Floor-to-ceiling window offers views of old factory area of Shougang Park.

Floor-to-ceiling window offers views of old factory area of Shougang Park. Menus have also been specially designed, such as soy milk lattes, to offer more options. In addition, the store also has coffee beans, accompanying cups, all kinds of coffee machines, coffee pots and others.

LIAO HOUSE Restaurant & Bar

Liao Cang (in Chinese: 瞭仓) used to be the "Liao Cang"(in Chinese: 料仓), Iron powder storage warehouse. After the renovation, now it is an immersive comprehensive commercial venue, mainly including immersive light and shadow exhibition, bars, market restaurants, reading and other comprehensive consumption experience projects.

LIAO HOUSE Restaurant & Bar on the second floor integrates the food culture of western food and bar with the industrial culture. Classic Western food, 100 kinds of wine, fashion music and other leisure and entertainment, bring a relaxing micro holiday.

Shang Brew

Shang Brew is adjacent to the NO.3 Blast Furnace, the landmark building of Shougang Park. Visitors can view the Xiuchi Pool and other beautiful landscapes of Shijingshan District.

While making use of the original architectural structure and style, the restaurant integrates modern fashion and industrial style of steel manufacturing. As the first independent restaurant of Shangri-La in China, it is designed to create a new social experience for guests with its wine, innovative food and comfortable atmosphere.