Protagonist to be staged in Capital Theatre


This play tells the story of Shaanxi Traditional Opera (Qinqiang) actress Yi Qin'e. She changed from an 11-year-old shepherd girl to the "queen of Qinqiang" at 51 years old. The nearly half a century of struggle destiny and stage career reflect the hard course of Qinqiang, China's oldest opera, and the whole society. 

As a narrative drama, Protagonist has almost no declarative narration and completes all the situation transformation with the characters' language under the specified situation. Extract wonderful language from the original story and stylize it. The actors present the content of the opera in a new way on the stage. 

Ouyang Yibing, a drama critic, said that the play grasps and carries forward the achievements of the original novel. It is a splendid presentation of the high national spirit and a combination of nationalization and modernization. The script structure is ingenious and permeated with the spirit of nationalization. The word "protagonist" is explained incisively.

Performance time: 19:00, March 22, 23, 2023

Venue: Capital Theatre