Learning Chinese | Awakening of Insects


Awakening of Insects, 惊蛰 jīng zhé

Awakening of Insects is the third solar term of the Chinese traditional 24 solar terms. It  falls on March 6 and ends on March 20 this year.


Awakening of Insects is the time for spring farming, and there are some unique folk customs, including eating pears and beating villains. The climate in most northern areas  in China are still relatively dry in this solar term, and pear has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, which can relieve the discomfort.

The thunder of solar term wakes up the insects such as snakes, rats and ants, they begin to look for food, so on this day in the ancient time, people would hold incense and wormwood to drive away snakes, insects, mosquitoes, mice and musty smell, which over time evolved into the habit of displeased people to drive away bad luck, that is, the predecessor of "bitting villains".

Health maintenance

Although the weather is warming overall, but in the spring of each year (March to May), there is great change in temperature so people should keep warm and eat more fresh vegetables and protein food.


Do some outdoor exercise in spring! Plum blossom are in bloom at this time.  China National Botanical Garden, The Summer Palace, Yuyuantan Park... There are colorful plum blossoms are waiting for you to appreciate!