2022 Internet-popular Tourist Spot | Tanko Moofland Park


Address: 120 meters southwest of the intersection of Jingtan Middle Road and Jiufeng Road, Mentougou District, Beijing

The park is built on a hillside and covers an area of 16,113 square meters, known as the "Peach Blossom Garden in western Beijing". Between the valley and the town, the park is like a button that connects nature, life and ideal.

As a "park at your doorstep", the park is built around the future town lifestyle advocated by Tanko, creating three scenes in a limited space, including the heavenly realm, the secret realm and the human realm, and linking the themes of leisure, culture and creativity, parent-children and art through a unique "natural aesthetic". It is an art space that integrates architectural design, cultural and creative bazaar, parent-child workshop and food experience.

Walking in the park, visitors can not only feel the refreshing valley breeze, breathe in the fresh and humid air, but also stroll in the patches of grass, pursuing their innermost yearning for distant places and seclusion. In the southwest corner of the park, there is another tent camp hidden deep in the flower forest. In addition, there are parent-child workshops, art exhibitions, a valley market, music performances and open-air movies... Tanko Moofland Park is a perfect blend of profound humanity, elegant art and peaceful nature.