2022 Internet-popular Tourist Spot | Jinyu Coloured Glaze Cultural Creative Industrial Park


Address: Liuliqu Village, Mentougou District, Beijing

Jinyu Coloured Glaze Cultural Creative Industrial Park inherits more than 700 years of coloured glaze culture history, which is built by Jinyu Group in Beijing in accordance with the functional positioning of the capital, and gathering first-class planning and design teams from home and abroad, with the preservation and inheritance of coloured glaze firing techniques as the core. The park was formerly known as a kiln factory of the imperial palace, which was built in 1263 in the Yuan Dynasty and has lasted through the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. In 2008, it was awarded as a national intangible cultural heritage inheritance unit, and its glazing firing technique was listed in the national intangible cultural heritage list.

The park presents the rich business modes of the intangible cultural heritage of glaze firing techniques, including its inheritance, research and development, promotion, exhibition and display, study and experience. It also promotes guesthouse of glaze culture; culture-themed coffee, catering and bookstore, etc. With these diversified spatial forms, the park is committed to building an aggregation platform of intangible heritage resources, a cultural travel destination in western Beijing, and carrying international communication functions. The careful protection of the historical kiln site and the immersive cultural exhibits everywhere in the park are the best testimony to the inheritance of glazing skills for more than 700 years.