2022 Internet-popular Tourist Spot | Tiantan Shiguang


Address: 300m inside the west gate of Tiantan Park, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Taking the promotion of the cultural connotation of the Temple of Heaven as the starting point, the Temple of Heaven has launched a new cultural and creative space "Tiantan Shiguang", which is an immersive experience space integrating reading and resting functions for visitors. The book bar of "Zhong He Shao Yue", a kind of Chinese Imperial Court music, echoes the rich cultural heritage of the Temple of Heaven, spreading the cultural connotation of the national intangible cultural heritage. The book display area, with the theme of "Shuxiang Beijing", displays a variety of books on politics and economy, national wisdom, world-famous books, science and life, etc. About 400 books are carefully selected and displayed for visitors to read for free.

The Titan Cultural Creation launches the Temple of Heaven Huayu Four Seasons ice cream, fermented soya-bean milk falvor ice cream, and Erguotou flavor handmade ice cream.A number of products go viral and Tiantan Shiguang has also become one of the famous places for sightseeing.