2022 Internet-popular Tourist Spot | Shougang Park ∙ Chang An Mills


Address: North District of Shougang Park, Shijingshan District, Beijing

Located in the core of North District of Shougang Park, Chang An Mills is an important part of Shougang Park, sharing the geographical environment resources of the century-old industrial site of Shougang Park. With Xiuchi Pool and No.3 Blast Furnace to the north, Qunming Lake and the Big Air to the south, Shijingshan Landscape Zone and Shangri-La Hotel to the west, and Shougang Industrial Site to the east, it has become one of the brand-new urban landmark projects.

Chang An Mills consists of six interconnected parcels with a total of 224,000 square meters, including 11 detached industrial office buildings, 11 detached flagship commercial buildings and a shopping plaza, bringing together creative modern office space of low density, composite commerce, multi-functional activity center and green public space. Among them, the project contains a total of six industrial relics.

As one of the six key projects for upgrading commodity consumption in the construction of Beijing as an international consumer center city, Chang An Mills combines commerce, leisure, culture and sports, introducing international, premier and special brands, transforming into a representative urban landmark and social interactive field, bringing a new creative consumption experience space for consumers in Beijing and even across China.

As a representative of the capital's urban revitalization projects, Chang An Mills is committed to leading modern lifestyles with an eye on the overall synergistic development of the region, and focuses on creating a dual-drive operation model of "industry + commerce", with industry driving the economic takeoff and commerce supplementing the regional consumption gap.