2022 Internet-popular Tourist Spot | Beijing Ziyang Shanzhuang Inn


Address: No. 288, Tanwang Road, Tanzhesi Town, Mentougou District, Beijing

Ziyang Shanzhuang Inn covers an area of 110,000 square meters, including 224 sets of courtyard inns with different styles. It provides high-quality rest and life services for guests visiting Tanzhe Temple and surrounding attractions. At present, it's running more than 30 boutique inns, covering Chinese style, Japanese style, Nordic style, pastoral style, and so on.

Ziyang Shanzhuang retains the ancient pedestrian streets, naturally formed terraced settlements, pebble walls endowed with a sense of history, and naturally growing thousand-year-old trees. Based on the architectural form of Beijing west residential buildings, it improves the original architectural style by incorporating modern people's lifestyles and using modern building materials. Now it is a "Half-mountain Ancient Village Inn Cluster Resort" in western Beijing that meets the needs of modern people for vacation, leisure, entertainment, and health maintenance.