10 Thematic Routes of Beijing Industrial Tourism | Route 4: Gathering Under Giant Chimney and Thousand-year-old Pagoda


Itinerary: Yuyuantan Park - The Military Museum of The Chinese People’s Revolution - Tianning No.1 Cultural and Technological Innovation Park - Tianning Bookstore

Route Length: 6 kilometers

Recommended Spots

Yuyuantan Park

As a four-season-pleasant tourist spot, Yuyantan Park enjoys four distinctive seasons with flower-appreciating in spring, water-playing in summer, fall foliage- viewing in autumn and snow-touring in winter. Inside the park, there are two lakes featured with gorgeous view. At the center of the lake locates a stone bridge engraved with patterns of clouds and lotus. Standing on the bridge, visitors may fell like stepping on a white cloud. At sunset, when the sun hides behind the Central Radio&TV Tower, the whole tower turns into a black shadow, which brings a sense of mystery. Glittering lights of waves on water surface shines like scattered stars hidden in the lake. It would be enjoyable to sit still at the bench, watching the sky turns into dark blue from light blue, and then becomes black blue.

The Military Museum of The Chinese People’s Revolution

Taking advantage of every set of precious collection, the Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution vividly tells visitors about the process of how Chinese people managed to beautiful life through steadfast faith, indomitable spirit and persistent efforts. Plenty of artworks presented at the museum inspire people to a great extent, letting us memorize the history as well as arousing patriotic feelings.

Tianning No.1 Cultural and Technological Innovation Park

Tianning No.1 Cultural and Technological Innovation Park perfectly integrates the past, the present and the future, where visitors have access to remaining industrial facilities and architectures as well as creative sculptures and installations. The park, with ancient Tianning Temple Tower at one side and giant chimney of the factory at the other side, is regarded as the most sci-fi media creative factory and the fanciest piano art experience space. Looking around at the spacious grassland of the park, vicissitudes of the thousand-year capital will be vividly presented, giving people a sense of walking into a great play that transcending time and space.

Tianning Bookstore

The settings of Tianning Bookstore are well-designed with comfortable atmosphere, mouthwatering snacks and two private rooms fro chatting and gathering. It is a place where you may read books quietly and refresh yourself totally. When it comes to rainy days, the bookstore gives off another special flavor.