Learning Chinese | Start of Spring(立春)


Start of Spring, 立春 lì chūn

Start of Spring is the first solar term of the year. The solar term has been treated as the beginning of spring in China since the Qin Dynasty.

After the Start of Spring, overwintering crops such as wheat and rape begin to grow with the temperature rises. Proper watering and fertilization are necessary. At this time, the busy farming season begins in most parts of China.

In many regions, ancestors are sacrificed at the Start of Spring. Families burn incense, set off firecrackers, and worship. On the wall is affixed with the picture of the spring ox and the banner of 'welcoming the spring and blessing'. Arrangements will last until the Latern Festival.

Some places have the custom of eating spring cakes at the Start of Spring. According to records, the custom of eating spring cakes began at least in the Jin Dynasty.