2022 Internet-popular Tourist Spot | Datai Railway Station


Address: 150 meters west of 017 County Road, Mentougou District, Beijing

Datai Railway Station is on the Jingmen Railway line, and is an auxiliary railway to the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway. Built in 1907, it is one of the few old stations with an old platform with European style. It was officially closed in 2019. With more than 100 years, there still remain vaguely visible traces of history although the doors and windows of the platform have been nailed down and what remains are only the overgrown tracks. There are signal light and the "Datai Railway Station" sign. It is the best preserved station in the mining area west of Beijing. The station is mainly used for the transportation of coals from west of Beijing. No trains pass here now. Only historic wheels and mottled tracks are still rotating with time.

The building complex of Datai Railway Station has been recognized as the second batch of historic buildings in Beijing in September 2020. The name card formed by the long railway history will vigorously carry forward the railway culture and pass down from generation to generation.