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Address: No. 1 Baikang Road, Yanqing Town, Yanqing District, Beijing

There are many local plants with Beijing characteristics in the Beijing Pavilion with the theme of “My courtyard”. Together with archway, hutong, countryard and red wall, it forms the block landscape of "Beijing flavor", fully reflecting the style of the ancient capital of Beijing. With the old countryard as its core, the landscape is endowed with the meaning of welcoming friends from all over the world, allowing tourists to enjoy the beauty of traditional Beijing in small courtyards.

Covering an area of 5,350 square meters, the Beijing Pavilion, facing the China Pavilion, is the largest regional exhibition garden in China’s Horticultural Exhibition Zone. There is also a quiet "garden within garden", named after the most beautiful hutong in Beijing, Baihua Shenchu, which reappears the leisure scene that the residents go for a walk in a quiet place with a bird, exercise, and play the strings in the morning in Bejing.

As a whole, Beijing Pavilion presents a beautiful home where man and nature live in harmony. Meanwhile, Beijing Pavilion is also a "cultural garden" or "ecological garden".

Beijing Pavilion has been built into a horticultural home integrating visiting, leisure and experience. The meaning of harmonious coexistence between man and nature will last forever.