Beijing Expo Park Lantern Art Festival


60,000 Square Meters of Large Outdoor Exhibition Area

With 170 groups of lanterns, the 2023 Beijing Expo Park Lantern Art Festival opened on January 15 with the theme of "Flourishing Age - Flower Dreams", covering an area of 300,000 square meters. It opens up a sightseeing route of 3,000 meters, which is also a useful exploration of the development of night economy in Beijing Expo Park.

This lantern festival is a combination of Chinese intangible cultural heritage, such as colorful lanterns, and garden culture to design a large garden party to welcome the New Year.  The theme of the festival is "Flourishing Age - Flower Dreams". The lanterns echo the theme, and visitors can appreciation of lanterns and feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture at the same time. During the event, the landscape lights and outdoor lights in the park will be lit up at 5:30 p.m. every day.

10000 Square Meters of Indoor Innovation Space

During the period, various festive celebrations will also be held, and special flower show performances such as Sichuan opera face-changing, Yanqing Yangge and Zhuma (a bamboo horse used in a folk dance), as well as opera performances will be staged in turn.

In the International Pavilion, visitors can not only see plant paintings, grass stickers, bean sculptures, cloth stickers and other unique intangible cultural heritage of Yanqing District, but also participate in folklore activities such as writing and sticking Spring Festival couplets, painting lanterns and cutting paper and pasting window flowers. In addition, visitors can also purchase their favorite Winter Olympics gifts at the Winter Olympics licensed goods store in the International Pavilion.

Zigong Colorful Lanterns in Beijing

As China's intangible cultural heritage, Zigong lanterns have a long history since the Tang and Song dynasties. The entry of Zigong lanterns into the Expo Park is a large-scale visit to Beijing again after more than 30 years following the lantern show in Beihai Park in 1988.

The areas on both sides of the Middle Road and South Road of the Park, East Road of Botanical Hall (covering an area of about 300,000 square meters) are set up with a total of 5 areas for lantern viewing, lantern experience, art performance, children's amusement and catering business.

The selected 170 groups of lanterns form a 3 km long sightseeing route to create the night tour lantern show of Beijing suburb. Welcome to Beijing Expo Park and spend a good night with your family.

Lantern Festival Lights up Winter Tourism in Yanqing

The large-scale lantern show is also one of the highlights of this year's ice and snow season in Yanqing District and is currently the largest lantern show in Yanqing District with the largest area and the most varieties of exhibits. The special Sichuan opera face changing, Yanqing Yangge, Zhuma and opera performance, etc. will also be staged during the temple fair.

Translator: YUAN Ting

Reviewer: ZHANG Ruochen