Happy return, these ski resorts in Beijing open!


The pure white snow scene is the unique romance of winter. This article will continue to recommend Beijing suburban snow fields for you. While the sun is shining, let’s fire our enthusiasm for skiing to experience the fun of skiing!

1. Badaling Ski Resort  

Located in Yanqing District, Badaling Ski Resort is about 2km from the west of Badaling. The ski resort has undergone an all-round transformation that overturns the traditional ski resort management and ski-teaching mode. As a result, it becomes the first safe ski resort in Beijing that provides free guidance for snowboarders of all levels and ensures no potential danger posed by beginners.

Badaling Ski Resort boasts primary, intermediate, and senior skiing trails, totaling 8 trails with the longest single trail being 700 meters, and ice and snow parks. The ski slopes named after the "Eight Great Passes" of the Great Wall are equipped with a four-person gondola, a 400-meter tow, seven magic carpets, and other facilities.

Skiers can receive free skiing lessons of all levels at the ski School's Beginner's Learning Park and Topographic Learning Park.

The teaching model that features beginners participating in “pass-through” activities reverses the original one-to-one instruction mode that coaches follow skiers throughout the whole course of skiing. In the new teaching mode, each coach is fixed in one station to teach the same content and skiers ski between stations to receive different kinds of instructions.

Reservation: Visitors can make reservations in advance through the WeChat public account of "Badaling Ski Resort".

Address: No. 66, Badaling Town, Yanqing District, Beijing

2. Yunfoshan Ski Resort

Located in Xiwengzhuang Town, Miyun District, Beijing, Yunfoshan Ski Resort lies on the south bank of the Miyun Reservoir, a large water source protection area in Beijing. The ski resort is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with good air quality and a beautiful environment.

Covering an area of 450,000 square meters, Yunfoshan Ski Resort boasts primary, intermediate, and senior trials to meet the needs of skiers of different levels. There are 7 trials in total, including one 1,000m-long senior trail, which is just the international standard length, two intermediate trails from 300m to 700m long, and four primary trails from 100m to 300m long. The 7 trails can accommodate 5,000 people at the same time.

Using the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games as an opportunity, the staff members at Yunfoshan Ski Resort have been improving the infrastructure construction of winter sports. They upgraded facilities such as magic carpets, jumping platforms, and obstacle props, created a children's snow playground, and opened up entertainment projects such as sliding lanes and snow spinning. Through these efforts, public winter sports have been vigorously promoted with more and more tourists coming into the snow fields to experience the joy brought by snow sports.

If the daytime skiing experience is speed and passion, then the night skiing feeling is a kind of extreme romance. Stars twinkling and lights flickering on, the sky is a bit dark but it adds a bit of warmth to the snow field.

The lights on both sides of the snow trails are lit up in turn, and the white snow trails and lights all shine. Skiers flew down from the high-elevation slopes and one flat expanse of whiteness is all passing before their eyes, as skiing people gradually become less and less. This scene allows skiers to experience the unique charm of the night ski field.

Reservation: Visitors can purchase tickets through the WeChat public account of "Beijing Yunfoshan Ski Resort".

Address: 300 meters east of Fishing Street, south of Huanhu Road, Xiwengzhuang Town, Miyun District, Beijing

3. Beijing Jundushan Ski Resort

Beijing Jundushan Ski Resort is located at the foot of Jundushan in Changping District, more than 30 kilometers from the center of Beijing, with the Ming Tombs to the west and the famous Xiaotangshan Hot Spring Resort to the east. With a total skiing area of 150,000 square meters, the ski resort has advanced trails with a high difficulty degree, safe and comfortable elementary and intermediate snow slopes, and training areas for beginners.

Beijing Jundushan Ski Resort is equipped with chairlifts, tow, carriers, and more than 5,000 sets of snow equipment in various models. It can receive more than 6,000 skiers in one day.

Under the winter sunshine, the snow trails at Jundushan glow with a beautiful crystal shimmer. If you want to experience night skiing, it is also a good choice to come to Beijing Jundushan Ski Resort. With both day and night skiing, skiers can enjoy the romantic alternation of day and night free skiing in the ski resort.

Reservation: Visitors can purchase tickets through the WeChat public account of "Beijing Jundushan Ski Resort".

Address: No.588, Zhenshun Village, Cuicun Town, Changping District, Beijing

4. Beijing Jingzhihu Ski Resort

Surrounded by mountains on three sides, Beijing Jingzhihu Ski Resort boasts beautiful scenery. The ski area covers an area of 80,000 square meters, with two primary trails, one intermediate trail, and one teaching trail. Equipped with 4 magic carpets, it adopts the magic carpet transport mode, so it is very friendly to beginner skiers.

The number of ski equipment of Beijing Jingzhihu Ski Resort in the 2022-2023 snow season has increased significantly, with more than 4,000 sets of snowboards and skis, more than 4,000 pairs of snowshoes, more than 2,000 snowsuits, more than 1,000 helmets, and more than 300 pairs of snow goggles. The new ski equipment will provide more choices for skiers and meet the skiers' needs in a well-rounded way.

This year's Beijing Jingzhihu Ski Field coaching team includes more than 100 professional full-time instructors. It integrates international advanced teaching methods from prominent organizations such as the New Zealand Ski Instructors Association (NZSIA) and the British Association of Ski Instructors (BASI). In this way, it has developed a complete teaching system suitable for Chinese ski beginners to better serve them.

Reservation: Visitors can purchase tickets through the WeChat public account of "Beijing Jingzhihu Ski Resort".

Address: Taoyukou Village, Xingshou Town, Changping District, Beijing

Warm Tips:

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism reminds citizens and tourists to avoid gathering and flocking together to minimize the risk of getting and spreading COVID-19.