2022 Internet-popular Tourist Spot | Coffee.G


Address: Beijing Exhibition Center (50 meters north of Moscow Restaurant), Xicheng District, Beijing

Coffee. G is located in the Beijing Exhibition Center and is created by its young staff partners in order to pay tribute to the "New Youth" culture of Beijing which is represented by the Beijing Exhibition Center. It is a boutique cafe of Russian retro style combining of Gastronomy and Gallery. Coffee. G contributes to a new upgrade for traditional business, bringing offline consumption and socializing offline.

Coffee. G specializes in espresso, pour-over coffee and desserts, and the exclusive specialty such as "Beijing Exhibition Center", "Moscow", "Great Artist" and other limited coffee win netizens' praise.

Entering straight from the west gate of Beijing Exhibition Center, looking in the direction of Moscow Restaurant, a place of old Beijingers' feelings, you can see the striking retro red logo of Coffee. G which is especially distinct among the European-style buildings. The distinctive "diamond" shaped glass roof is a surprise against the original wooden fence, greenery and flowers. The interior is carefully decorated with authentic paintings of Russian great artists and people's artists. Sitting in front of the large floor-to-ceiling windows, you can experience the gentle cello music accompanied by delicate flower arrangements and special coffee. Looking at the yellow leaves falling outside the windows, you will have a pleasant time here.