Winter Hiking Tour - East Hulin Icefall


Hulin Village was built in the Han Dynasty. According to legend, when Qin Shi Huang traveled to the east, the imperial guard was stationed in this area. And in the Liao Dynasty, it was called the guard forest, and then gradually got the name “Hu Lin”. In the Ming Dynasty, Hulin Village has been divided into two villages in the east and west, then called Hujialin village.

Hu Lin is located in Zhaitang Township, Mentougou District, Beijing. Located in Baihuashan - Lao Longwo mountain range, the ridges here are connected and have a wide meadow. West Hulin belongs to the ridge between the valley. It enjoys lush forests, springs tinkling, full of natural scenery. There are peaks and gullies where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and air in full. There are natural landscapes such as Camel Peak, Eye of the Mountain God, Salivating Rock, Glacier Giant Rock and Immortal Wood.

The trees in the ditch are pale, and near the top of the mountain, there are large forests of fir trees, which are quite beautiful and spectacular; as well as water that does not freeze and ice that does not melt for ten thousand years. It is a place full of natural primitive ecology consisting of trees, mountains and gorges. In winter, it is famous for its ice falls, the frozen natural waterfalls formed in two gorges.

Itinerary: Junlv Road - Aoyu Gou - Icefall - East Hulin

Route features: 12 kilometers in total, 500 meters of ascent, from the Junlv Road to take the Aoyu Gou up the mountain, all the way to the glacier to reach the location of the East Hulin Icefall, and then start to descend to the village of East Hulin.

Translator: YUAN Ting

Reviewer: BAO Minmin