2022 Internet-popular Tourist Spot | Red Pinecone·TSC Sports Center


Address: No. 32 Yongda Road, Biomedical Base, Daxing District, Beijing

Red Pinecone·TSC Sports Center is located in Daxing District, Beijing, with a comprehensive area of over 10,000 square meters. It’s the first sports complex transformed by a factory building in China. The facility features more than 10 interesting novelty programs such as professional indoor football, basketball and volleyball courts, as well as trampoline, rock climbing, fitness, indoor skiing and pet tribe, allowing the public to enjoy sports while “having benefits and having fun”! The theme activities are carried out regularly in the popular large trampoline park of 4000 square meters, and citizens can also be close to see professional skills performance and participate in the interaction, which are all wonderful! The intelligent air source “fresh air system” is used in the venue to provide the public with a comfortable and safe place of culture, sports, leisure, and entertainment.