2022 Internet-popular Tourist Spot | Banquan Sports Park


Address: 800 meters northeast of World Grape Exhibition Garden, Kanghe Road, Yanqing District, Beijing

Banquan Sports Park is located in the Caijia River Basin of Yanqing District, featuring tourism resources such as forest greenway, pastoral landscape, landscape water system and beacon site, with leisure sports such as cycling, aviation sports, extreme sports and outdoor sports as the core, presenting a green and ecological sports resort style.

The park has perfect service facilities and the advantages of a comprehensive sports park. It has a three-level slow road system of comprehensive roads, bicycle paths and walking paths, which includes professional road for bike track of 5 km and 10 km in a single lap, as well as a 33 km hiking fitness greenway. Passing through water bays, ponds and other characteristic landscapes, the system can meet the needs of visitors from different angles and in various forms of excursions. The park has distinctive landscape features. The forest coverage rate in the park is nearly 100%, including 26 newly planted evergreen trees, 86 deciduous trees, 9,653 shrubs, 20,103 square meters of ground cover flowers and 471 square meters of aquatic plants. It is one of the checking-in attractions for tourism, leisure and fitness in Yanqing.