Beijing Micro-vacation Destination Brands | Xinxiu Miyun's Scenery·Leisure Gubei


Introduction of Brand

Xinxiu Miyun's Scenery·Leisure Gubei is a micro-vacation destination brand jointly created by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Government of Miyun District government. It emphasizes theme, landscape creativity, experience and product innovation, and form novel accommodations and distinctive cultural experiences. In the same time, the brand integrates culture, art, sports and others to fully present the new scene and experience of Miyun cultural travel consumption. Fully highlight the "micro vacation, slow leisure, cultural style, numerious locations".

How to play

Jinpoluo Farm is an outdoor paradise, with a sea of flowers at its gate that invites visitors to take photos. Ski lovers can go to the YunFoshan ski resorts, breathe the fresh air and relax in Yunmeng Mountain Scenic Spot. Stay in Yunshui Huaxi B&B at night. People commend Black Dragon Pool as peculiar and dangerous. Visitors can also climb Yunfeng Mountain to enjoy the magnificent view of the reservoir.

Sunshine Valley leads leisure vacation trend. After picking grapes, you can enjoy a glass of DIY wine in the Chateau Yishi. Bright Squirrel Valley, the first squirrel-themed children's paradise in North China, is the first choice place for family trip. There are one thousand acres of flowers, and a large water park in the Renjian Huahai. You can also walk on the ancient imperial road to experience history and nature. In Gubei Water Town at the foot of Simatai Great Wall, you can enjoy life and the scenery.

Recommended Play

2-day Tour

D1:Jinpoluo Farm - Yunfoshan Ski Resort/ Nanshan Ski Resort - Yunmengshan Scenic Spot - Accommodation

D2: Blanck Dragon Pool Scenic Spot - Yunfeng Mountain Scenic Spot - Returning

3-Day Tour

D1:Sunshine Valley - Chateau Yishi - Bright SquirrelValley - Accommodation

D2:Renjian Huahai - Ancient Imperial Road - Gubei Water Town - Accommodation

D3:Wild Duck Tribe - Returning

Recommended Spots

1.Jinpolou Farm

Relying on characteristic agricultural resources, Jinpolou Farm has developed a millet planting park of 1,000 mu and a cherry orchard of 600 mu. At the same time, it has developed characteristic tourism to make the farm a leisure and sightseeing agricultural manor integrating sightseeing and picking, farming experience and leisure and entertainment, forming a new model of "integration of agriculture and tourism".

2. Yunfoshan Ski Resort

Yunfoshan Ski Resort is located in Xiwengzhuang Town, Miyun District, the south bank of Miyun Reservoir which is the largest water source protection area in Beijing. It’s surrounded by mountains on three sides with beautiful environment, and also a large comprehensive ski resort integrating accommodation, catering, conferences, entertainment and fitness.

3.Fish Street

Miyun Reservoir is the important water source of Beijing. The water is rich in iron ore resources and enjoys the reputation of "Pearl of North China". The fish in Miyun Reservoir famous in the capital and the Qianlong Emperor had chosen Miyun carp as an imperial tribute. The fish about 30 to 50 jin are not uncommon. The Fish King Food Festival is prepared every year here.

4.Yunmeng Mountain Scenic Spot

Yunmeng Mountain is a famous natural scenic spot in the suburbs of Beijing. It covers a total area of 2208 hectares and the main peak is 1,414 meters above sea level. with mountain scenery characteristics, it has the reputation of "Little Yellow Mountain" in the north.

5.Blanck Dragon Pool Scenic Spot

It is located in Shicheng Town in the west of Miyun District and close to Miyun Reservoir. It covers an area of about 1.95 million square meters, with a total length of 4.5 kilometers. The water level drop is about 220 meters. The landscape combines humanistic legends and canyon and quiet pool.

6.Yunfeng Mountain Natural Scenic Spot 

With an altitude of 1413 meters, it has not only magnificent mountain and reservoir but also rich cultural relics resources. The thousand-year ancient temple Chaosheng Monastery in the scenic area is unique.

7.Sunshine Valley

It integrates global resources to serve Chinese consumers, focuses on the needs of new middle class family self-driving users, and strives to create leisure vacation products. With the mission of creating Chinese people's own family vacation brand and creating a second home in nature, provide various leisure vacation experiences including camping, parent-child entertainment, natural education, organic food, outdoor sports and so on.

8.Chateau Yishi

In the process of construction, Chateau Yishi tries to retain the natural style of the mountain. The main building is in the style of the 18th century European castle, and integrates Chinese and Western culture. Chateau Yishi offers catering, accommodation, picking, parent-child, meeting and other services to customers with a feeling of home from all aspects.

9.Nanshan Ski Resort

Nanshan Ski Resort is located in Miyun District, Beijing. It combines skiing and other dynamic leisure sports in North China as one of the winter resort. With various ski trails, various theme activities and professional and wonderful events, Nanshan Ski Resort invites you to experience different winter snow and ice activities. Not only can you experience the fun of skiing and snow play in Nanshan, but also taste the rich food dishes!

10.Bright Squirrel Valley

Bright Squirrel Valley is the first squirrel-themed children's playground in North China, covering an area of about 600 mu, with more than 2,000 squirrels. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, the park has a superior natural environment. The whole park consists of four parts: squirrel park, high-end guesthouse, ecological restaurant, water bar library, which integrates parent-child interaction, leisure vacation and natural education.

11.Renjia Huahai 

Renjia Huahai is located in Lanyu Village, Miyun District, covering an area of more than 1800 mu, the core area of 300 mu. It combines lavender and other vanilla scenic sightseeing, film and television photography base, ceremonial celebration, sightseeing and picking, agricultural experience, water entertainment, special catering and entertainment services.

12.Ancient Imperial Road

Located near the Gubeikou tunnel of the 101 National Road, the Ancient Imperial Road was originally built in the Ming Dynasty about 1500 meters long and 4 meters wide. It was the main economic, military and commercial road at that time.

13.Gubei Water Town

Gubei Water Town is a comprehensive international tourism vacation destination integrating sightseeing, leisure vacation, business exhibition, creative culture and other tourism formats.

14.Simatai Great Wall

Simatai Great Wall stretches 5.7 kilometers and the Yuanyang Lake Reservoir divides the Great Wall into two parts. There are 16 enemy buildings in the eastern section and 19 enemy buildings in the western section, totaling 35 (including one in the damaged water). In 1987, Simatai Great Wall was included in the World Heritage list. It is the only ancient architectural site in China that retains the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty.

15. Great Wall Music Water Dance show

Visitors can’t miss the Great Wall Music water dance show in Beijing WTown at night. The performance takes the Great Wall as the background and shows the legends, while the music fountain and 3D animation bring the audio-visual feast.

16. Yongshun Dyeing Workshop

Yongshun Dyeing Workshop retains the traditional plant printing process. Here you can not only observe natural plant dyes, simple printing and dyeing tools and exquisite printing and dyeing works, but also experience tie-dyeing skills by hand.

17.Sima Small Shochu Brewery

Sima Small Shochu Brewery shows traditional craft brewing techniques, and visitors can also experience the activity.

18.Yinghua Academy

Yinghua Academy in the style of Ming and Qing dynasties preserves the whole picture of ancient Chinese schools. Here you can see the solemn lecture hall, but also can feel the elegant environment filled with lotus flowers. Yinghua Academy is the only comprehensive education institution in Gubeikou area during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

19.Zhenyuan Escort Agency

It reproduces the life story of Zhang Zhenyuan in ancient escort agency and tells the story of their hard work.

20.Baqi Assembly Hall 

Manchu culture are shown here. In the hall, there are military hall, reception room, wedding custom hall, martial arts training field and other exhibition halls, from which visitors can learn the military situation, life style and Manchu culture.

21. Yuelao Temple

Couples can leave their hopes for love here.

22.Miyun Braised Pork

The local people of Miyun District use maltose to color the meat and has strict requirements for meat. It is served with sauce, vegetables and pancakes.

23.Wild Duck Tribe 

Wild Duck Tribe is located in Beiwei Road, Beizhuang Village, Beizhuang Town, Miyun District. It is a rural research and education complex with the theme of domestic high-end science education.

Recommended Accommodation

1. Beijing Grand Bay Hotel

Beijing Grand Bay Hotel is located in Mixi Road, Miyun District, near Miyun Reservoir. The surrounding tourist attractions such as Taoyuan Xiangu, Black Dragon Pool and Nanshan Ski Resort are about 20 minutes away by car. The hotel has a variety of room types with complete supporting facilities.

2. Yushe Hot Spring Boutique Hotel

Yushe Hot Spring Boutique Hotel is located in the north of Gubei Water Town scenic area, next to Wangjinglou Boutique Hotel. The hotel is characterized by the architectural design of Han and Tang Dynasties and mainly decorated with logs. The hotel is equipped with guest rooms, Japanese restaurant, gym, book bar and other supporting facilities.

3.Beauties Hot Spring Boutique Hotel

Located in the Wangjing Street of Gubei Water Town scenic spot, Beauties Hot Spring Boutique Hotel is close to Wangjing Street snack Street and music fountain. With the theme of "celebrity culture" and private hot spring experience, it is a comprehensive boutique hotel, which integrates accommodation, catering and hot spring.

4.Beijing Wtown Hotspring Resort

Beijing Wtown Hotspring Resort is located in the center of the scenic spot and surrounded by mountains and rivers. With the elements of the Great Wall as the theme, the resort hotel consists of the main building and the banquet center, with 68,000 square meters. The main building of the hotel is 56000 square meters with 319 guest rooms, and each floor has a courtyard.

5.Shanli Hanshe B&B

Located in Qianyugou Village, Beizhuang Town, Miyun District, Shanli Hanshe B&B has more than 30 courtyards. They were renovated and decorated on the basis of the original old houses, with five-star guest rooms and bathroom facilities, Chinese and western restaurants, and wireless network.

6. Yueshi Manor

Located in Huayuan Village, Xinchengzi Town, Miyun District, Yueshi Manor consists of six houses made of pebbles and logs which can accommodate up to 120 people. Several houses are surrounded by creepedes, grapevine and moss plants

7.Laoyouji B&B

The B&B is located in a village surrounded by low hills, rich in millet and peaches, with lush greenery on both sides of the highway around the village, and a farming experience area and children's playground for visitors

8.Fenglinsu B&b

Fenglinsu, located in Heishansi village, Miyun, adjacent to Miyun reservoir, has 8 distinctive courtyards. There is an independent dining room in the homestay, which can provide very exquisite vegetarian food.

9.Yunshui Huaxi B&B

Yunshui Huaxi B&B is located in Lishugou Village, Shicheng Town, Miyun District. With exquisite and elegant design, and thearchitecture is perfectly combined with the rustical landscape. The courtyard is also equipped with leisure facilities such as Book Café Bar, Private View Restaurant, Panoramic Multi-functional Conference Room, Mountain Riding, Cute Pet Park and Night Light Show.