Living Figures·Shannxi Shadow Puppetry


Shadow Puppetry absorbs art various styles and includes several schools from Shaanxi, Shanxi, Tangshan, Henan and so on. Although there are differences in the carving skills, the art has many characteristics in common as a cultural tradition, including concise shapes and exaggerated patterns with strong artistic charm. The artistic characteristics lay the foundation for the development of cultural tourism projects, and the performances are more in line with the regional characteristics.

Living Figures·Shannxi Shadow Puppetry has been shown in Beijing Arts and Crafts Museum·China Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum from January to March. About 200 pieces of intangible cultural heritage from Shaanxi province are on display with distinct local characteristics.

Shaanxi province is one of the birthplaces of shadow puppetry in China. After thousands of years of development and inheritance, it has gradually formed an art form with distinct local characteristics and national personality. This exhibition reflects the spirit of exploration of intangible cultural heritage inheritors in the new era, and also presents the creative transformation and innovative development of folk art.