Learning Chinese | Minor Cold(小寒)


Minor Cold,小寒,xiǎo hán

Minor Cold is the 23rd solar term in the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms, marking the beginning of the coldest period of the year.

Due to the geographical differences of the north and south in China, different regions have various agricultural activities. In the north, there are little farm work and farmers can take winter break. The main tasks are make vegetable cellara and keep barns warm. In the south, people will fertilize wheat and other crops. 

Daily diet also focuses on mutton and mutton soup is the most common. In Guangzhou, it is traditional to eat glutinous rice in the morning of Minor Cold. The bacon and sausage are chopped and fried, and the peanuts are fried. All are added in the rice with scallion.

When it comes to Minor Cold, the people in Nanjing usually cook vegetable rice. Raw materials are not fixed such as sliced bacon, sliced sausage or diced duck which are all famous specialties of Nanjing.