Beijing Micro-vacation Destination Brands | The Most Beautiful Winter Olympic City


Introduction of Brand

The Most Beautiful Winter Olympic City is a Beijing micro-vacation destination brand co-built by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism as well as Government of Yanqing district. Yanqing district is the host site of the 2019 Beijing World Horticultural Expo and one of the three major competition zones for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

With three golden cards, "Great Wall, Expo Park and Winter Olympics" as the core, Yanqing District has not only the four-season brand activities, but also some new forms of cultural tourism. It is a micro-vacation destination with all elements of cultural tourism.

The four main lines of micro-vacation include landscape appreciation and health care in the east, ecological horticulture in the middle, Great Wall culture in the south and Winter Olympics snow and ice in the north, which can bring the public immersive and diversified micro-vacation experience. Cultural creativity, vacation and leisure, health care, research and education, cultural heritage, farming experience, outdoor cycling and other tourism routes and products, all can meet the public's multi-level, personalized, micro-vacation needs.

How to play

You can take the cableway directly to the top of the National Alpine Ski Centre and take photos with Haituo Mountain and also visit the National Sliding Centre along the 1.9km sightseeing road.

If that is not enough, you can also choose to go to Yeyahu National Wetland Park, enjoy the winter scenery, experience the excitement of ice and snow sports; Or go to Beijing Expo Park to see lanterns, join in snow and ice projects and other interactive experience projects; Or in the hot spring pool to relax. Of course, climbing the Great Wall is a must-have item for micro vacation. Badaling Great Wall has excellent sceneries in all seasons. Jiuyanlou Great Wall has the largest enemy tower.

Recommended Play

2-day Tour

D1. Yanqing Olympic Zone: Alpine ropeway - National Alpine Skiing Centre - National Alpine Skiing Centre Ski Resort

D2. Badaling Great Wall

3-day Tour

D1. Yanqing Olympic Zone: Alpine ropeway - National Alpine Skiing Centre - National Alpine Skiing Centre Ski Resort

D2. Beijing Yayahu National Wetland Park: Yeyahu Ice and Snow Carnival - Beijing Expo Park: Ice and Snow Carnival -  Bejing EXPO Hot Spring

D3. Jiuyanlou Great Wall

Recommended Spots

1.Yanqing Olympic Zone

Yanqing Olympic Zone was opened before May Day in 2022. The zone is committed to building an Olympic cultural communication center and an internationally renowned Winter Olympic heritage tourism resort. It was awarded "Top Ten Boutique Destinations of Beijing Sports Tourism" in 2022.

2.Yeyahu National Wetland Park: Yeyahu Ice and Snow Carnival

You can enjoy the winter sceneries and experience the freshness and stimulation brought by ice and snow sports.It provides tourists with excellent experience of eating, living, traveling and entertainment.

3. Beijing Expo Park: Ice and Snow Carnival

Beijing Expo Park is the host site of the 2019 International Horticultural Exposition. It aims to build a national ecological civilization demonstration base, an eco-tourism and leisure resort destination, and an exhibition base of horticultural industry. The park focuses on the International Garden Festival, and Ice and Snow Carnival, and also features activities such as research, cultural education, music, sports and camping throughout the year. The projects of winter Ice and Snow Carnival mainly include interactive experience projects such as Lantern Art Festival, Snow and Ice Entertainment Projects, and a series of research activities.

4. Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall is China's AAAAA scenic spot. It’s selected in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritagen and awarded one of the "Top Ten Scenic Spots in China". In 2021, Badaling Great Wall Leisure Block was selected as one of the first 12 "Municipal Tourism and Leisure Blocks" jointly assessed by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform.

5. Jiuyanlou Great Wall

Jiuyanlou Great Wall is located 9 kilometers southeast of Sihai Town on the main peak of the Flaming Mountain. Now it has been developed as "Jiuyanlou Great Wall Natural Scenic Spot" and is open to tourists.

6.Beijing Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort

Beijing Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort has 10 ski runs of high, medium and elementary levels, and a children's snow entertainment area. There are various projects such as snowboarding. It is the only barrier-free ski resort in Beijing. Operating hours during the snow season are about 100 days depending on weather conditions.

7.Badaling Ski Resort

It is the first safe ski resort in Beijing with "whole process teaching and no torpedo". It has 8 ski trails, ice and snow parks and terrain teaching parks. It covers the whole course from basic to intermediate and advanced teaching. Visitors can receive free skiing instruction at all levels. The mode primary teaching completely changes the previous one.

8.International Grape Exhibition Garden

International Grape Exhibition Garden is an important place of the 2014 International Grape Conferenc. It’s comprehensive exposition park integrating grape variety display, viewing and picking, ecological experience, scenic tour, science education, leisure and entertainment. The park has peonies in spring, lilies in summer, grapes in autumn and snow and ice activities in winter.

Recommended Accommodation

1.Yanqing Winter Olympic Village Resort Hotel

The hotel is located at the heart of Haituo Mountain Forest Nature Reserve with an altitude of 935 meters. It is only 90 kilometers away from the urban area. The hotel has warm and comfortable rooms, and each room has reasonable planning according to the different orientation of the landscape.

2. Bejing EXPO Hot Spring Hotel

Bejing EXPO Hot Spring Hotel integrates leisure vacation, parent-child entertainment and business meetings. The hot spring area covers an area of about 10,000 square meters, which is divided into four parts.

3. HefuB&B

Hefu B&B is located in the Huoshaoying village, Kangzhuang Town. It’s a land of idyllic beauty at the foot of the Great Wall.

4. Dayin Yushi B&B

Dayin Yushi B&B located in Houheilongmiao Village, Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing District. The B&B is located in the northwest of Beijing, which is a comprehensive tourist destination integrating high-end homestay, characteristic catering, leisure and entertainment, and selected fruits and vegetables. At present, there are 12 boutique courtyards in the village.

5.Shiguang Great Wall B&B

Shiguang Great Wall B&B is located at the foot of the Great Wall in Shixia Village with a long history. There are numerous famous places. In the ancient village of the Great Wall, there are more than 20 distinctive stone courtyards, equipped with star-rating supporting service mode.

6.Club Med Joyview

It is only an hour and a half away from downtown Beijing and a 10-minute drive to the surrounding ski resorts. The resort has 307 comfortable rooms. There are indoor sports venue, the largest children's club in Asia, indoor hot spring park and so on.

7.Crowne Plaza

The hotel has 274 modern and elegant guestrooms and suites, six banquet halls and four conference rooms, which can meet the needs of different banquet forms such as business negotiations, corporate celebrations and wedding banquets. It also has a 100-square-meter gym and 195 square meters of children's activity area.

8.World of Hyatt

The hotel is adjacent to Beijing Expo Park. The design integrates Yanqing’ s sceneries such as mountains, water, flowers and birds as the main line. 90% of the rooms have spacious balconies with the view of Beijing Expo Park. World of Hyatt won the first Luban Award in Yanqing District in 2020.

9.Yanqing Marriott

The hotel is located in the CBD of Yanqing District, adjacent to Beijing Badaling International Convention and Exhibition Center and Beijing Yanqing Wanda Plaza. There are 307 guestrooms and 15 suites, which are decorated in a modern style and equipped with advanced facilities. In order to fully meet the different needs of guests, the hotel is also equipped with about 400 square meters of small banquet hall and a number of multi-function rooms.

10.Beijing Badaling Double Tree by Hilton

The hotel is located in the center of Yanqing District, close to Yanqing Xiadu Square and Xiadu Park. The hotel has children's club, children's restaurant, large atrium garden, more than 200 elegant and fashionable rooms and suites, all equipped with perfect facilities and equipment, to create a comfortable accommodation environment for guests.