Shiguang Shopping Street


Shinguang Shopping Street is located in Ginkgo Avenue of Yuanmingyuan Park. With light and shadow, the 2,200-square-meter space reproduces original scene of the market 100 years ago.

It is known that in the history, there were two shopping streets, Tongleyuan Shopping Street and Hanjingtang Shopping Street. At that time, the merchants and tourists were all played by maids or eunuchs in the imperial palace, in order to let the emperors of Qing Dynasty feel the folk customs and market culture. 

Shiguang Shopping Street also provides tourists with a rich taste experience. They can not only eat Zha Jiang noodles, Beijing yogurt, syrup of plum, Arctic Ocean and other Beijing food, but also go to the "Western Fantasy" cafe, order a cup of coffee, and quietly feel the splendor and mystery of the palace.

Address: Yuanmingyuan Park, Haidian District, Beijing