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Shiguang Shopping Street

Shinguang Shopping Street is located in Ginkgo Avenue of Yuanmingyuan Park. With light and shadow, the 2,200-square-meter space reproduces original scene of the market 100 years ago.

It is known that in the history, there were two shopping streets, Tongleyuan Shopping Street and Hanjingtang Shopping Street. At that time, the merchants and tourists were all played by maids or eunuchs in the imperial palace, in order to let the emperors of Qing Dynasty feel the folk customs and market culture. 

Shiguang Shopping Street also provides tourists with a rich taste experience. They can not only eat Zha Jiang noodles, Beijing yogurt, syrup of plum, Arctic Ocean and other Beijing food, but also go to the "Western Fantasy" cafe, order a cup of coffee, and quietly feel the splendor and mystery of the palace.

Address: Yuanmingyuan Park, Haidian District, Beijing

Heping Guoju

In many people's minds, Beijing has narrow alleyways, children running and playing, old men playing chess, as well as grocery stores selling cakes and fruit... These are unforgettable childhood moments.

Occupying an area of 2,400 square meters, Heping Guoju recreates the life scene of Beijing half a century ago, providing visitors with an immersive experience space to recall old Beijing.

On the second basement of Wangfujing Department Store, a real and vivid old Beijing begins to shown in front of our eyes - the green train of "Beijing Station", the place to repair shoes in the Xicheng District, the state-run grain and oil store that "supplies by ticket", the video hall with white lights and red letters... A small alley has aroused the collective memories of tourists.

Address: The second basement of Wangfujing Department Store, No. 255 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing


Lord Rabbit is a kind of clay sculpture artifact of old Beijing. As a unique cultural product, it’s produced in the late Ming Dynasty with a history of at least 380 years, and now has become one of the most representative of the intangible cultural heritage of Beijing.

As the largest rabbit lord production studio in Beijing, "Jitufang" has been absorbing the essence of clay sculpture culture from all over the world on the basis of maintaining the traditional style and color, so as to meet the needs of modern aesthetics.

At the same time, Jitufang provides cultural exploration of lord rabbit for visitors. Visitors can not only experience the production and drawing process here, but also visit the lord rabbit museum to explore the history, which is very suitable for parent-child interaction and art exchange. As the Year of the rabbit Spring Festival is getting closer, you can come here to make a lord rabbit here with families and friends.

Address: 202, Second Floor, Baigongfang, No. 1, B Longtan Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Beijing Daoxiangcun No.0 store

Beijing Daoxiangcun No. 0 Store is located at 152 Dongsi North Street where the first business department of Beijing Daoxiangcun South Flavor Food Store reopened in the 1980s, which has special significance in the era.

The "No. 0 Store" is positioned as a traditional food culture experience hall and has been newly designed with decorative symbols closely related to traditional pastries such as auspicious clouds and hammering tools; a tea bar has been added, where you can experience a Chinese tea break with the fusion of Beijing-style tea and special pastries, and directly see the process of making pastries on site in the operation room through the glass window.

Since its opening, traditional delicacies such as baked beef tongue cake, retro eyebrow meat dumplings and chic date palm pastry pillows have captured the hearts of many young consumers.

Address: No. 152, Dongsi North Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing