Lord Rabbit


In 2014, the Beijing Lord Rabbit was selected into the fourth batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. It has gradually become one of the most favorite "Beijing gifts" for tourists.

Lord Rabbit is a local traditional handicraft in Beijing. Every Mid-Autumn Festival, people will worship "Lord Rabbit". This custom originated in the Ming Dynasty and then Lord Rabbit became children's toy in the Mid-Autumn Festival. Some people imitate the opera characters, and carve the "Rabbit Lord" into a warrior with golden helmet and armour, some riding lion, elephant, some back with paper flag or umbrella, or sitting or standing.

In accordance with the legendary that there are Chang’e and Jade Rabbit in the Palace of Moon, people make the jade rabbit further artistic, personalized, and even deified, with mud to shape different forms of Lord Rabbit. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Jade Rabbit has formed an independent image in the moon worship ceremony, and gradually enriched. With both sacred and secular characters, Rabbit Lord integrates worship and amusement function. Now Rabbit Lord has become one of the most representative intangible cultural heritage in Beijing.