Words and Drawings Exhibition of Literature Illustrations Collected by NAMOC


“Words and Drawings Exhibition of Literature Illustrations Collected by NAMOC" is selected in the 2022 National Art Museum Collection Exhibition Season activities of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of CPC. It is also one of the Classic Activation Spirit Of The Treasure Collection Of The Chinese Art Museum, exhibiting 138 pieces/sets (more than 300 pieces) of classic literary illustration works collected by famous artists. The exhibition works cover a variety of categories. Some original woodcut illustrations are also on display. Many works have won awards in the National Art Exhibition and other exhibition awards. Among them, most of the works are the first time to meet the audience, and many works are the first full set of exhibitions.

The exhibition is divided into two thematic units: "Painting and Poetry" and "Image of text". The first thematic unit displays the illustrated works according to literary genres, and extracts part of the original text content and publications to support the exhibition, creating an atmosphere for reading. The second thematic unit is divided into five parts: "The charm of lines", "The rhythm of black and white", "The symphony of colors", "The shaping of characters and scenes" and "The transformation of language", showing how artists express, expand and extend the connotation of the original text through modeling language.

In addition, the exhibition also sets up three special sections of "Revolutionary Classics in Paintings", "Red Rock" and "Excellent Illustrations of Foreign literature", which show the charm of illustration art and lead the audience back to the moment of accompanying literary works and into the palace of literature and art.

The exhibition runs until December 24.