Learning Chinese | Major Snow (大雪)


Major Snow, 大雪 dà xuě

December 7 is the third solar term of winter, Major Snow that temperatures drop significantly and precipitation increases. However, compared with Minor Snow, Major Snow not necessarily means increasing snowfall, but greater probability of snowfall or the probability of snow accumulation. If Minor Snow is explained as the season of the first snow, Major Snow is the season of snow accumulation.

Winter supplements should be provided with foods rich in protein, vitamins and others easy to digest. Before and after the Major Snow, citrus fruits are on the market in large quantities. Eating some properly can prevent rhinitis, phlegm and cough.

In terms of exercise, people should choose jogging, fast walking and other endurance projects, because these projects are mainly to exercise cardiopulmonary function. In winter, we should go to bed early and get up late. When exercising outdoors in winter, it is best to choose between eight and nine o'clock in the morning after the sun comes out.