Winter Olympics themed activity "Visiting China online, connecting the past and modern" successfully held


To cope with the impact of the epidemic on the study tour activities of Hong Kong and Macao teenagers in the mainland, and also to advance the recovery and development of the study tour market of Hong Kong and Macao teenagers in the mainland after the Covid-19 epidemic, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the Hong Kong and Macao Youth League for Study Tour in the Mainland co-held a “Visiting China online, connecting the past and modern” themed activity at 15:00 on Tuesday, November 22.

This activity was carried out by online live broadcast. Teachers and students from Holy Trinity College entered into the Beijing Winter Olympic Stadium - Shougang Park on the day of the solar term of Minor Snow and experienced the dough sculpture of Beijing intangible cultural heritage, making dough handcraft Bing Dwen Dwen figurines.

The activity of “Traveling around the Winter Olympics Venue online - Shougang Park" was hosted by Ms. Liu Hongshi, the founder of China Travel Parent Child Tour Project initiated by China Travel Group Travel Service Co., Ltd. Mr. Song Tiegang, an industry model of Beijing's cultural and tourism system and a national gold medal guide, also came to Shougang Park to explain to the students in Hong Kong. Mr. Song Tiegang has worked in Shougang Park for 17 years so he knows everything about the past of it. The ski jumping platform in the video is like a flying ribbon winding in the sky. When the camera comes to the starting area of the jumping platform, the students appreciate the panorama of the platform from the perspective of the Olympic champions, and understand the structure of the platform, its use after the competition, and the stories that happened on the Winter Olympics.

After bidding farewell to Shougang Park, the activity turned to the dough sculpture, an intangible cultural heritage of old Beijing. The Beijing Intangible Cultural Heritage Dough Figurine is presented in the picture one by one with China's Four Classical Novels, idioms and allusions, myths and legends, folk tales and other themes. Every dough figurine contains profound cultural connotation and interesting historical allusions. Bora Shnitman, a tourism expert from Israel, interacted with Peng Tian, the inheritor of Beijing intangible cultural heritage dough sculpture, and shared the feelings and stories of experiencing intangible cultural heritage in Beijing with students.

The students also personally made dough figurines. From the selection of materials to the shaping of the appearance, each process and procedure of making dough figurines is very meticulous. Under the guidance of inheritors of intangible cultural heritage dough figurines, students and Bora completed their own production of Bing Dwen Dwen dough figurines and were awarded the Certificate of Intangible Cultural Heritage Skill Experience of Beijing Dough Sculpture. The students also showed their face sculpture works in front of the camera.

This activity is one of the series of activities of "Visiting China online, connecting the past and modern", which aims is to let Hong Kong and Macao teenagers touch and experience the excellent traditional culture of China, enhance their national identity, national identity and cultural identity, and promote the vigorous development of Hong Kong and Macao youth study-tour market.

Translator: SHI Meiling

Reviewer: ZHANG Ruochen