751 Park selected as the National Industrial Tourism Demonstration Base


Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism released on its official website the notice on the launch of 53 national industrial tourism demonstration bases, in which 751 Park was listed.

This is another important honor of 751 Park after it was selected into the pilot list of national tourism science and technology demonstration parks, the first batch of national night culture and tourism consumption clusters, and the first batch of national textile and clothing creative design demonstration parks since last year, and was rated as one of the top 100 design parks in China's design industry in 2021, a municipal tourism and leisure block in Beijing, and an "excellent case" of Beijing's urban renewal best practice.

To guide the development of industrial tourism and enrich the supply of tourism products, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism organized experts to review according to the procedure, and launched the list of this batch of national industrial tourism demonstration bases according to the industry standard of the Specifications and Evaluation of National Industrial Tourism Demonstration Bases, aiming to guide the construction of national industrial tourism products through demonstration creation, create diversified industrial tourism products, and better meet the tourism consumption needs of the people. At the same time, it is also an important measure to implement the Fourteenth Five Year Plan for Tourism Development.

Guided by the integration of culture and technology, 751 Park has firmly grasped the core concept of "designing makes life better", focused on the two business formats of "fashion design" and "consumer experience", continued to promote the organic integration of the protection and utilization of industrial heritage sites with cultural tourism, and created a number of "life show belts" integrating urban memory, knowledge dissemination, creative culture and leisure experience, thus the transformation and upgrading from an old factory to a high-end fashion creative industrial park has been realized.

Relying on its own fashion design advantages, we have held rich and colorful cultural activities such as China International Fashion Week, 751 International Design Festival, 751 Han Nationality Culture Festival, trying introduce new consumer formats such as designer brand stores, fashion entertainment, and play, build public cultural service platforms such as train blocks, 751 Library, and continuously inject fresh blood into the cultural tourism consumption of the capital, and drive the regional cultural tourism consumption economy.

At the same time, we will focus on enabling cultural and tourism integration by science and technology, vigorously promote the construction of smart parks, build a digital cultural service platform in the parks, build an online and offline integrated design product exhibition and trading platform, promote the intelligence of cultural and tourism public services, and continue to improve the comfort experience of tourists. 751 Park has become a unique business card in the creative field of fashion design in the capital and a new landmark for cultural and tourism consumption.

In the future, 751 Park will adhere to the principle of building tourism with culture and promoting culture with tourism, deepen the integration of culture and technology, innovate the development model of "cultural tourism+industry", promote the improvement of management and service level, enhance 751's cultural soft power and brand influence, create a consumption experience leading a better lifestyle, better meet the people's tourism consumption needs, and create a new highland for the development of cultural tourism in the capital guided by the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Translator: SHI Meiling

Reviewer: ZHANG Ruochen