Learning Chinese | Tang Tri-Color Glazed Ceramics (唐三彩)


Tang Tri-Color Glazed Ceramics, 唐三彩 táng sān cǎi

Due to the development of the Silk Road in the Tang Dynasty, various foreign cultures continued to pour in and integrate into the local culture. The trend of diversification changed people's previous aesthetic standards. Colorful art was highly respected, and a common one was the application of colorful glaze on pottery, which gave birth to the "Tang Tri-Color Glazed Ceramics". It was the cultural product of the heyday of Chinese feudal society. 

Research shows that the popular "Tang Tri-Color Glazed Ceramics" at that time was most influenced by Islamic colorful glazed pottery both in terms of craft technology and color application. The frequent trade exchanges of various countries along the Silk Road led to a huge demand for the pottery industry in the Tang Dynasty, which led to the rapid development of ceramic technology, and at the same time, the firing technology of Tang Tri-Color Glazed Ceramics was rapidly improved. Thus, Tang Tri-Color Glazed Ceramics became an important milestone in the history of pottery in our country.