Wild Duck Island of Chaoyang Park


The Wild Duck Island Island of Chaoyang Park is undoubtedly an ideal choice for visiting birds. There are varieties of birds who are not afraid of people. It is convenient for tourists to observe the postures of birds from various angles.

Walking along the lake, we can always meet a family of seven black swans swimming leisurely in the lake, sometimes staying for food, and enjoying themselves.

The black swan family became popular and attracted tourists to stop and appreciate, and some people nicknamed them the "owners of the Wild Duck  Island".

In addition to the black swan family, Wild Duck Island is also home to mallard ducks, mandarin ducks, herons and many other waterbirds. When the sun sets in the west, the lake is filled with little golden light, and the shadow of the waterfowl and the tree are intertwined into a beautiful picture, which makes people feel relaxed and happy.