Purple Bamboo Park


Purple Bamboo Park is located in the northwest suburb of Beijing, near Baishi Bridge, Haidian District, and west of Capital Indoor Stadium. Purple Bamboo Park was built in 1953. It is named after the temple of Ming and Qing Dynasties, "Fu Yin Zi Zhu Yuan", in the northwest of the park. The park covers an area of 47.35 hectares, of which water accounts for about one third. Nanchang River and Shuangzi Canal pass through the garden, forming the basic pattern of three lakes, two islands, a dike, a river and a canal. Admission to Purple Bamboo Park is free.

In late autumn, the poetic and picturesque sceneries of Purple Bamboo Park make people lose themselves in the beauty. Visitors stroll around the park and enjoy it at ease.

The two golden ginkgoes in the Purple Bamboo Park are magnificent and stand out against the surrounding ancient buildings. The autumn sun falls through the gaps of the leaves, and the fallen leaves decorate the earth.