Yanqing Olympic Zone to open to the public


In the Yanqing Olympic Zone, the first snow season will be open to the public after the Beijing Winter Olympics. The ski resort will officially open on November 25, including the National Alpine Skiing Center.

Yanqing Olympic Park is located in the south foot of Haituo Mountain, and the highest point is 2198 meters above sea level. It's mainly composed of the National Alpine Skiing Center, National Sliding Centre, and the Yanqing Winter Olympic Village. Among them, the National Alpine Skiing Center is located in the north of the park and built with world level standards. As the top professional ski slope in China, the vertical drop of the mountain is 894 meters, and the slope length is 3000 meters. During the Beijing Winter Olympics, top skiers from all over the world raced here to show their professional ability.

In order to adapt to the characteristics of the public, the park is divided into different snow play experience areas for skiers. Whether beginners, or skillful enthusiasts, or the parent-child group, everyone can find their own area here.

In the middle and senior areas, proficient skiers who have passed the skiing level evaluation can glide smoothly on the Winter Olympic alpine skiing competition track. They can release their competitive passion on the same track as athletes. They can also choose the skiing guide service to improve their skiing skills. The slope back to the village is more suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. Here, you can walk through the forest and stream, or cross the bridge to explore the different scenery of about 4 kilometers, and the experience is full of fun.

More than 4000 square meters of primary area is suitable for primary skiers. There is also a special night field for beginners, where you can glide comfortably in the starry sky and bright lights to unlock a romantic and unique skiing experience. Visitors with children can choose to play in the 6000 square meters snow area, open a happy parent-child snow party, experience the cute snow boat, cool snow tanks, snowmobiles.